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"plait, knit, weave, twist together," c. 1200, breidan, from Old English bregdan "move quickly, pull, shake, swing, throw (in wrestling), draw (a sword); bend, weave, knit, join together; change color, vary; scheme, feign, pretend" (class III strong verb, past tense brægd, past participle brogden), from Proto-Germanic *bregdanan "make sudden jerky movements from side to side" (compare Old Norse bregða "brandish, turn about, move quickly; braid;" Old Saxon bregdan "weave, braid;" Old Frisian brida "twitch (the eye);" Dutch breien "knit;" Old High German brettan "draw, weave, braid"), perhaps from a PIE root *bhrek- (compare Sanskrit bhurati "moves quickly," Lithuanian bruzdùs "fast"), but there are phonetic difficulties. In English the verb survives only in the narrow definition of "plait hair." Related: Braided; braiding.

c. 1200, "a deceit, stratagem, trick;" c. 1300, "sudden or quick movement," in part from stem found in Old English gebrægd "craft, fraud," gebregd "commotion," Old Norse bragð "deed, trick," and in part from or influenced by related braid (v.). The meaning "anything plaited or entwined" (especially hair) is from 1520s.

type of common European freshwater fish, late 14c., breme, from Old French braisme "bream," from Frankish *brahsima, from West Germanic *brahsm- (compare Old High German brahsima), perhaps from Proto-Germanic base *brehwan "to shine, glitter, sparkle," from PIE *bherek- (see braid (v.)). Insipid and little esteemed as food. The name also was given to various similar fish in other places.

The mapping class action of the braid group over the free group isalso implemented, see MappingClassGroupAction for anexplanation. This action is left multiplication of a free groupelement by a braid:

The Burau matrix of the braid. It is a matrix whose entriesare Laurent polynomials in the variable var. If reducedis True, return the matrix for the reduced Burau representationinstead in the format specified. If reduced is 'unitary',a triple M, Madj, H is returned, where M is the Burau matrixin the unitary form, Madj the adjoined to M and Hthe hermitian form.

If skein_normalization if False, this returns an elementin the symbolic ring as the Jones polynomial of the closure mighthave fractional powers when the closure of the braid is not a knot.Otherwise the result is a Laurent polynomial in variab.

If normalized is False, return instead the Markov traceof the braid, normalized by a factor of \((A^2+A^-2)^n\). Theresult is then a Laurent polynomial in variab. Otherwise itis a quotient of Laurent polynomials in variab.

Return the reverse of self obtained by reversing the order of thegenerators in its word. This defines an anti-involution on the braidgroup. The link closure of it has the reversed orientation (see theexample below of a non reversible knot).

This automorphism maps a braid to another one by replacing each generatorin its word by the inverse. In general this is different from the inverseof the braid since the order of the generators in the word is not reversed.

FINS is the best because of rigorous testing and braid science! FINS has been researching, engineering, developing, and manufacturing the worlds best fishing braids for decades in the FINS factory in Erlanger, Kentucky.

Apply to wet or damp hair. Take a quarter-sized amount into the palm of your hand, then rub palms together to emulsify. Apply before twisting or braiding up small sections of the hair, then allow hair to airdry completely. Gently unravel each section of hair, then style as usual!

A braid is an intertwining of some number of strings attached to top and bottom "bars" such that each string never "turns back up." In other words, the path of each string in a braid could be traced out by a falling object if acted upon only by gravity and horizontal forces. A given braid may be assigned a symbol known as a braid word that uniquely identifies it (although equivalent braids may have more than one possible representations). Fo


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