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501(c)3 nonprofit




The Prince Georges Contemporary Ballet Theater's mission is to provide African American aspiring dancers access to Classical Ballet through quality training and educational programs, performances, touring, media, and outreach.




The Prince Georges Contemporary Ballet Theater’s vision is to inspire the next generation of dancers through the art of classical ballet, where young dancers can thrive, learn, and grow in their artistry, while promoting the beauty and elegance of classical ballet to audiences of all ages.




The Prince Georges Contemporary Ballet Theater’s goals are to…


  • offer opportunities for young dancers to perform in a variety of settings, including theaters, schools, and community events. 

  • provide exceptional training by renowned teaching artists.

  • expand knowledge of Black Dance history and the influence and participation of Blacks in Ballet.

  • to provide mentorship and leadership opportunities for older dancers to guide and inspire younger dancers in classical ballet.

  • challenge students to step out of their comfort zones, adapt to new environments, and see a world beyond Prince Georges’ County, Maryland.

  • provide scholarships and financial assistance to deserving young dancers who may not have the means to pursue their passion for dance.

  • build connections that may benefit them later, such as career opportunities, internships, collaborations, and interest in other cultural arts programs.

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