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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Founded in 2014, Paula Brown Performing Arts Center (PBPAC) is known in Prince George's County, Maryland, and the neighboring communities for its exceptional classical ballet training. From experienced professional dancers with impressive careers to some of the most sought-after choreographers in the industry, our teachers are made up of the best the dance world has to offer. PBPAC has a variety of classes for every skill level, from beginner to professional. Whether you are interested in a dance career or are looking to enroll your child in a fun extracurricular that's a great form of exercise, we have a class that's what you need.


To produce and perform classical and contemporary ballet, performed by a diverse group of youth and young adult dance members. The focus will be classical ballet training with two primary objectives: 


1.   Stimulate the African American culture in classical ballet.

2.  Create opportunities associated with touring as a ballet company.  



Bring classical ballet to the African American communities, in Prince George's County, Maryland and abroad, through touring, educational programs, outreach and media. 



To provide classical and contemporary ballet training for African Americans and other minorities of social and economically disadvantaged communities. Produce and perform contemporary ballets performed by a diverse group of youth and young adults. Instill the core principles of self esteem, self confidence, promote healthy lifestyles, heighten cultural awareness and character. To have an educational understanding of the arts and how it ties to language, musicality, mathematics, physiology, anatomy and life skills.


PBPAC Story & Vision

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