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The Beattips Manual Torrent

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The Beattips Manual Torrent

The level of your damage and your enemies' damage is determined by a combination of Level, Burst, and Scratch of your Torrent. The more your Torrent is upgraded, the more you can refine your attacks, which will increase your level and damage.

The Torrent movement feel is largely unchanged from Classic Beattips, and it's still an absolute beast. However, the mechanics of using it have changed. Ashes of War now has a larger radius in which it can be used, along with some neat new animations. Unlike Classic Beattips, you have to sneak up on enemies on Torrent to use Ashes of War. In Classic Beattips if you waved your weapon around, Ashes of War would kick in. It's not the same here, so you have to be careful not to be too loud.

From the front, it's clear Torrent is a total beast. However, if you're more of a fan of the Ashes of War style of boss fighting (i.e. sneaking up and ambushing an enemy on the ground), Torrent is less effective. The reason for this is that Torrent is weaker than its Classic Beattips counterpart. Instead of dealing damage with Ashes of War, it deals damage with Thunder. Even so, if you ever need to land a Thunder on an enemy on a hostile ground, it is still almost always worth your time. While Classic Beattips and Torrent have changed their mechanics, they've also kept their styles. 3d9ccd7d82


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