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The Negotiation Book: Your Definitive Guide To Successful Negotiating Steve Gates

The Negotiation Book: Your Definitive Guide To Successful Negotiating Steve Gates :::

This second edition is aimed at providing a modern, up-to-date guide to how to negotiate in today's world. I have set out to provide you with an insight into negotiation from a practitioner's perspective. It is not prescriptive, but aims to help you to get better deals by being aware that it is you who are responsible for making decisions based on your own judgement. The amount of time people actually spend negotiating is very small in the context of their whole job and yet the consequences of their performance during negotiations will often distinguish how successful they are. The art and science of negotiation is an interactivity that is influenced by culture, ever-changing circumstances, expectation, capability, and personal chemistry. The Complete Skilled Negotiator is an individual who has both the skills and mindset to do that which is appropriate to their circumstances and the ability to maximize opportunity during each and every negotiation.

So why this second edition Well, over the past decade there is not much that has changed about how people and companies negotiate. There has, however, been a rapid change around what they are negotiating over and the value attributed to time, risk, convenience, and information as the benefits of technology are realized in all our lives. I've taken a fresh look at some of these agreements and how, in some industries, information access has become as valuable as payment terms, or response service times as important as contract length. Technology is changing what is possible, what is expected, and what is traded, which is providing a new mix of variables featuring in all types of agreements. More negotiations are being conducted through multiple forms of communication. What used to be face-to-face, telephone, and email negotiations can now include video conferencing from your telephone, meeting rooms from anywhere round the world, online data rooms, online auctions, and the list goes on.

In negotiation, your ego and your competitiveness might fuel the need to win, especially where you allow a sense of competition to become involved. However, negotiating agreements is not about competing or winning; it is about securing the best value. This means understanding:

Fully revised and updated in 2019, Bargaining for Advantage is the quintessential guide for learning to negotiate effectively in every part of your life. In this internationally acclaimed book, professor G. Richard Shell offers a systematic, step-by-step approach built around negotiating effectively as who you are, not who you think you need to be. Shell combines lively stories about world-class negotiators from J. P. Morgan to Mahatma Gandhi with proven bargaining advice based on the latest research into negotiation and neuroscience.

Steve Gates is clearly experienced. You get the impression that he has seen negotiation and got the t-shirt. After all the Gap Partnership is very successful and his baby. He takes us through the famous Gap clock face of negotiating, the 10 negotiation traits, and the 14 behaviours that make a difference. 1e1e36bf2d


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