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Beatmania Iidx 13 Ps2 Iso Jpn


Beatmania Iidx 13 Ps2 Iso Jpn

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How to Play Beatmania IIDX 13: DistorteD on PS2

Beatmania IIDX 13: DistorteD is a music video game developed by Konami for the arcade and PlayStation 2 platforms. It is the 13th installment in the Beatmania IIDX series, and features over 200 songs, including new songs from popular artists such as Ryuâ, kors k, L.E.D., and DJ TAKA.

If you want to play Beatmania IIDX 13: DistorteD on your PS2, you will need a Japanese PS2 console or a modded PS2 console that can play imported games. You will also need a copy of the game disc, which you can buy online or from specialty stores. Alternatively, you can download an ISO file of the game from the internet and burn it to a DVD using a software such as ImgBurn.

To play the game with an ISO file, you will need a modchip or a swap magic disc that can bypass the region lock and copy protection of the PS2. You will also need a compatible controller, such as the official Beatmania IIDX controller or a third-party controller that has seven buttons and a turntable. You can plug the controller into one of the USB ports of the PS2 or use an adapter to connect it to the controller port.

Once you have everything ready, insert the game disc or the swap magic disc into your PS2 and turn it on. If you are using a swap magic disc, follow the instructions on the screen to swap it with the burned DVD of the game. Then, select the game from the menu and enjoy playing Beatmania IIDX 13: DistorteD on your PS2!Here is a possible continuation of the article:

Beatmania IIDX 13: DistorteD has four main game modes: Normal Mode, Expert Mode, Class Mode, and Free Mode. In Normal Mode, you can choose any song from the song list and play it on one of five difficulty levels: Beginner, Normal, Hyper, Another, and Black Another. In Expert Mode, you can play a set of four songs with a fixed difficulty level and try to clear them with a high score. In Class Mode, you can take a series of tests that measure your skills and rank you from F to AAA. In Free Mode, you can play any song with any settings and modifiers you want.

The game also has various features and options that enhance the gameplay experience. For example, you can customize the appearance and sound of the notes, change the speed and direction of the scroll, adjust the timing and offset of the inputs, and use various effects and filters to alter the music. You can also unlock new songs, charts, skins, characters, and movies by playing the game and earning DJ Points. You can also save your progress and settings on a memory card or a USB flash drive.

Beatmania IIDX 13: DistorteD is a fun and challenging game that will test your rhythm and coordination skills. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you will find something to enjoy in this game. If you are a fan of music games or electronic music, you should definitely give this game a try. 9160f4acd4


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