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Altia Design Buy

Altia empowers companies to deliver an optimized user experience (UX) and beautiful, high-performance production displays. With our software tools, engineering services, support and expertise, we help companies worldwide to design, develop and deploy brand-defining GUIs.

These new features are designed to make you more efficient. Altia Design 13.2 offers full drag-and-drop support for Project resources, including powerful options to automatically create Image Objects and Decks when dragging image files onto the Canvas.

In Altia Design 13.2, you will find full support for 3D pre-multiplied alpha blending as well as new material blend modes including Additive, Multiply and Screen. These advanced effects will allow you to implement your unique design vision more easily.

Altia Design is a full-featured graphical interface design, simulation, and model integration environment. Build graphical interface models from scratch, or import graphic assets created by artists. Altia Design helps you integrate your model with third-party content or your own application code. In the end, you get a high-fidelity, functionally complete, and accurate simulation model. Use it to test your code, algorithms, concepts, and systems.

Altia Design helps engineers build a real-time, interactive control, and visualization graphical interface for their Simulink and Stateflow models. This graphical interface, which looks and behaves like the product's real interface, makes model design, debugging, and testing more accurate and efficient. The entire development team can use Altia graphics by connecting it to common tools utilized by industrial design, control, electrical, systems, and software engineers.

By connecting all tools to a common graphical interface model, you can achieve precise expression of system behavior and clear communication between the different departments involved in design of the embedded system. Customers and managers who need to make critical development and product decisions can operate and understand the simulation, providing valuable feedback early in product specification and design. The graphical interface can be distributed, viewed, and run on a web browser, helping engineers in different locations collaborate efficiently.

Altia Design is the main tool in which the designer creates his graphic interface (from scratch or the one that came from PhotoProto). It defines the animations as well as the states associated with each graphic object in a few clicks. It is also possible to test the interface using the built-in programming language or by using an API to communicate with external code.

Altia, however, is not rooted in the past. Its software today is used by at least 15 different automakers worldwide to design GUIs. We said at least 15 because that is how many were on the list Altia gave us and not under NDA, meaning there could be more. For sure GM (and its subsidiaries), Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (and its subsidiaries), as well as Ford, Renault, Honda, and a bunch of smaller companies are clients. One of the smaller ones is Lamborghini, which also makes us wonder whether parent companies Audi and Volkswagen Group are also clients.

In any case, even without them, this is a sizable chunk of the international market, somewhere around 30%. Altia is currently focusing on selling its product to Chinese automotive companies and could soon be found in products designed by and for the Chinese market as well.

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., November 29, 2022 ( - Altia previously announced General Motors' use of Altia to design and deploy the massive integrated cockpit experience for the cutting-edge Cadillac LYRIQ. Today, Altia is proud to share that General Motors will continue to leverage Altia's human-machine interface (HMI) solutions for the 2024 Chevy Silverado EV, the brand's ground-breaking fully electric truck.

"Altia enables our design teams to deliver a consistent, top-quality look and feel for


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