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[S1E10] Burger War

[S1E10] Burger War >>>

As they are always late with payment, Bob and Linda are unsure of how they will make the deadline. Bob complains that Tina is in love with Jimmy Jr. and both Gene and Louise are friends with the twins, Andy and Ollie Pesto. These relationships are at odds with Bob's own feud with Pesto. When the kids arrive home from school, Jimmy Sr. puts a banner on his restaurant saying his restaurant is now also serving burgers. Bob and Linda head over to Pesto's to complain. Meanwhile, the kids sneak into Jimmy Pesto's and reveal that Bob's regular customers Mort and Teddy eat at Jimmy's restaurant as well. As Jimmy continues trying to get Bob's Burgers to close, the Belchers devise methods of obtaining the rent money, with Bob and Linda taking suggestions from the kids. Gene suggests live music, Tina suggests slow dancing and Louise suggests voodoo. Linda suggests putting out flyers stating that the food will be half-price. Later that night, Jimmy tastes his own burger, criticizes it, and takes it off the menu.

Gene and Tina return home and mention that they gave a flyer to Jimmy Pesto, who subsequently decides to sell his own food that night at half-price to customers with a Bob's Burgers flyer. This leaves Bob with no customers; even Mort's mother decides to go to Jimmy Pesto's instead of Bob's (where Mort was going to take her). As a last resort, Bob's attempts to construct the difficult-to-make burger called the Meatsiah in bite-sized pieces. Bob gets Gene to sample them at Jimmy Pesto's restaurant, as a ploy to get customers to return to Bob's Burgers to have more.

Bob finishes making his burger only to realize that his family went to Jimmy Pesto's. Bob goes over, wearing Gene's burger suit with the burgers as samples. Bob gives the customers burgers and ends up having a fight with Jimmy outside the building. Mr. Fischoeder arrives after Bob and Jimmy have stopped fighting, and he lets them and the others go to Bob's Burgers to get the rent. Bob claims that he does not have the rent money, so Mr. Fischoeder announces the restaurant lease will not be renewed. However, as he is doing so, he smells the Meatsiah burgers and tastes them. Mr. Fischoeder realizes that Bob does not care about high-volume business, but rather, cares about the quality of his food, so he lets the restaurant lease be extended under some circumstances.

You know that saying broing out Making this burger, we realized we totally love burger broading out. Is there anything sweeter and more cathartic than drinking and cooking with good friends Seriously, grab a friend, beverage of your desire, and whip up some good times. (Hey, so we get a little cheesy after a bottle of wine.)

Toast two potato buns with butter on the griddle, then grill two burgers for 4-5 minutes per side. You know the drill: bottom bun, well-cooked burger, thick layer of mango chutney (1/4 of the recipe per burger), and top bun.

Instructions1. Put a large frying pan on medium heat and add the coconut oil, garlic and onions. Stir frequently until onions are soft and transparent2. Add the spices, coconut milk, and stock. Bring up to a simmer, and then turn down the heat a tad. Stir frequently for about 10 minutes.3. Taste test.4. Add any more spice if you need to5. Mix some curry in with the yogurt or sour cream until you get a thick sauce.6. Cook your burgers, toast your buns, and assemble.7. Store that extra curry for later!

After Bob's longtime rival, Jimmy Pesto, starts making burgers, his landlord Mr. Fischoeder threatens to sell Bob's restaurant to Jimmy if he doesn't pay the rent ASAP. As Bob, Linda and their kids come together to find ways to make money so Jimmy can't turn their beloved restaurant into a gift shop, Louise suggests they simply take Jimmy's hair and use magic to stop him from taking the restaurant. The rest of the family ignores Louise's suggestion, but she ends up doing hair magic through the entire episode.

Royal Tavern, as pretty much anyone will tell you, makes a gr


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