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Studio [21]. Das Deutschbuch

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The studio [21]--Das Deutschbuch series is a series of German textbooks specifically designed for English-speaking learners. It is available in three complete volumes or six partial volumes allowing students of German to start at the beginning A1 level and complete their learning at the B1 level according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

This reviewer analyzed three books: the studio [21]--Das Deutschbuch, A1, A2.2 and B1.1. All three books use the same proven concept of combining a textbook, workbook and an e-book (on a DVD-ROM packaged with the book), which is a digital version of the textbook and training manual. This e-book is especially useful for language learners, since it combines audio files and video clips, allowing students to view a video, then select a person in the video and speak that person's role. The colorful design of all three books, the audio files for the exercises, and the authentic short video clips with the built-in speaking opportunities contribute to making this a very effective way of learning German. All books expose learners to situations in everyday life in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, and some video clips even offer examples of German dialects. Although the printed version of the textbook is already appealing and inviting, the e-book adds the most value to each learning package. The DVD-ROM not only includes a digital version of the textbook, it also adds multimedia features that aid in learning German. The e-book includes audio files, interactive exercises and video clips with a user-friendly, easy to navigate interface.

The first book of the series, studio [21]--Das Deutschbuch, A1 is designed for adults without prior experience with German (the A1 level of competence as described by the CEFR). The textbook is comprised of twelve units, four stations, one model test, a grammar...

Vocabulary words from studio [21] A1 published by Cornelsen, taken from the glossary book. Audio files are either from Forvo, from text to speech converters ( and Google Translate), or from Memrise's central dictionaries. 59ce067264


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