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Sibyl Fendley

Bunny Knight

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Bunnies were a force to be reckoned with in the Middle Ages. Due to their luck, prosperity, and sheer cuteness, they were a widespread subject of artistic expression throughout antiquity and the medieval period. The artists who painted the marginalia of the 14th century Breviary of Renaud of Bar of Metz (1302 - 1304) seem to have had a special place for bunnies. The bunnies depicted in this medieval manuscript are strong knights and champions. We wanted to bring that amazing piece of history to your world with this one-of-a-kind medieval themed 12 oz canvas tote bag featuring a bunny knight riding a lion and inspired from the one of the marginalia of the manuscript. This is a perfect gift for a librarian, professor, teacher, medievalist, academic, scholar, historian, or just your average everyday bunny enthusiast. Sold and designed exclusively by The Arabesque for those of us who are as gentle as bunnies but can roar as loud as lions.

Loosely based on Mark Twain's 1889 novel A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court, the cartoon begins with Bugs Bunny, who is reading a book on the Knights of the Round Table under a hairdryer. While reading, an apple falls and hits his head and he is somehow transported to the time of King Arthur. When he wakes up, he finds himself at the pointy end of a knight's lance. Bugs asks him: "What's up, Duke" and the knight commands Bugs to surrender as a prisoner of his lance. The knight identifies himself as "Sir O of Kay, Earl of Watercress, Sir Osis of The Liver, Knight of the Garter, and Baron of Worcestersistercestersoustercestersistershire." Ready to take Bugs' challenge to tilt with him for the insult of Bugs' friends, the Duke of Ellington, Count of Basie, Earl of Hines, Cab of Calloway and Satchmo of Armstrong who the knight never heard of and called them "upstarts and rogues", the knight offers Bugs a too heavy sword, then begins to charge at him, during several comedic attempts by Bugs to get the sword off the ground. At the last second, Bugs puts his leg out tripping the knight's horse. The horse falls and the knight pole vaults on his lance over the castle wall and into a high window of a castle tower, falling loudly to the bottom inside the tower.

The once peaceful land of rabbits has been overtaken by a parasitic mushroom plague. Its valiant knights have all fallen in the battle against the fungal enemy. Now it's up to Rory, a young rookie, to defeat the mushrooms and save what is left of his home.

The game is playable for free on the following Tropes: And Now for Someone Completely Different: If you collect every single half-moon in the game and can avoid getting killed instead of the boss room you're taken to a flashback of Isabella's where you play as her on the day she discovered her uncle's dead body. And Then John Was a Zombie: No matter what you do, the game ends with the Entity overpowering Jeffrey, killing his body in the real world and trapping his soul in Apple Acres. Apocalypse How: The entire kingdom of rabbits was infected with a parasitic mushroom that turns its victims into mindless thralls. As You Know: One of the out of bounds secret is a letter from Jeffrey to his family in which he informs them and by extension the player that he took Isabella in after the fire that seemingly killed all the other members of her family and asks his wife and daughter to be kind to her. Badass Adorable: Rory may be a rabbit and a rookie knight at that, but he's also the last bastion of defense the rabbit kingdom has against the mushrooms. Downer Ending: None of the available endings are at all happy. The normal ending isn't an ending at all, as you get an error message after you defeat the Infected Knight and are asked to start the game back up again. So in a meta way, you'll never be able to save the rabbit kingdom, just as in the real world Jeff fails to protect Isabella. In the secret Peter/Entity ending, no matter whether you escape Peter/The Entity or not,


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