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KONO HITOSHI, M.D., Director, Kono Medical Clinic: [subtitles] The best thing about the Japanese medical system is that all citizens are covered--anyone, anywhere, any time. And it's cheap.

Dr. KONO HITOSHI: [subtitles] Some patients just have their blood pressure taken, receive medication, and then they leave, taking only about a minute, like a health check, very quick. So if you take the average, it's from 3 to 5 minutes.

PIERRE-MARCEL REVAZ, CEO, Groupe Mutuel: [subtitles] It's very competitive because each company wants to keep its old customers and get new clients. So there's extreme competition for service and price.

The film is now regarded as a masterpiece of cinema.[39] The Village Voice ranked The Seventh Seal at number 33 in its Top 250 "Best Films of the Century" list in 1999, based on a poll of critics.[40] The film was included in "The New York Times Guide to the Best 1,000 Movies Ever Made" in 2002.[41] Empire magazine, in 2010, ranked it the eighth-greatest film of world cinema.[42] In a poll held by the same magazine, it was voted 335th 'Greatest Movie of All Time' from a list of 500.[43] In addition, on the 100th anniversary of cinema in 1995, the Vatican included The Seventh Seal in its list of its 45 "great films" for its thematic values.[44] The film was included in film critic Roger Ebert's list of "The Great Movies" in 2000.[45] Entertainment Weekly voted it at No. 45 on their list of 100 Greatest Movies of All Time.[46] In 2007, the film was ranked at No. 13 by The Guardian's readers poll on the list of "40 greatest foreign films of all time".[47] Indian film maker Adoor Gopalakrishnan praised the film saying "One can watch 'Seventh Seal' even without subtitles as it is most appealing to the eye."[48] In January 2002, the film was voted at No. 82 on the list of the "Top 100 Essential Films of All Time" by the National Society of Film Critics.[49][50] In 2012, the film ranked 93rd on critic's poll and 75th on director's poll in Sight & Sound magazine's 100 greatest films of all time list. In the earlier 2002 version of the list the film ranked 35th in critic's poll[51] and 31st in director's poll.[52] In 2022 edition of Sight & Sound's Greatest films of all time list the film ranked 72nd in the director's poll.[53] In 2012 it was voted one of the 25 best Swedish films of all time by a poll of 50 film critics and academics conducted by film magazine FLM.[54] In 2018 the film was ranked 30th in BBC's list of The 100 greatest foreign language films.[55] In 2021 the film was ranked at No. 43 on Time Out magazine's list of The 100 best movies of all time.[56]

I can remove the proc title. But how do I remove the proc "subtitle" from proc univariate ods output (see image) It always gives the variable name and places it in the rtf header. Is there any way to disable this functionality

Mohler: Well, I can understand that, and I can even sense some of the frustration there. But I do think one of the achievements of what you saw in that first book and made clear is true not only for Britain but also those of us here in the United States. At the very time, I wrote a review in which I suggested that your subtitle could work in either direction that is we do have the phenomena of believing without belonging. I think most of us probably fear what would be the other direction, which is belonging without believing, and certainly in terms of mainstream Protestantism in the United States in terms of its theological modifications. I think a very good case can be made that not only do you have people who believe who are alienated from the institutional structures, you have people who are in the institutional structures then basically redefine those structures to that it no longer requires hard beliefs. 59ce067264


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