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Phoenixbios 4.0 Release 6.1 Driver Download EXCLUSIVE

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In general, the initial UEFI build is only partially compatible with BIOS/Firmware archive of 7.xx.xx.xxxx or 8.xx.xx.xxxx BIOS and Marvell Firmware. Older Phoenix BIOSes, for example 6.xx.xx.xxxx and 5.xx.xx.xxxx, do not support Marvell 91xx Unified Device Driver and support AHCI only. But from Phoenix build 5.xx.xx.xxxx on, there is a change that the UEFI mainboard becomes more compatible to Intel BMC. And the UEFI would try to load the Marvell Firmware in CSMCORE. But it was not yet supported because Phoenix are not releasing the UEFI Firmware driver for the latest Marvell 91xx Unified Device Driver with the latest Marvell 91xx Firmware. Phoenix could have released the UEFI Firmware driver to support Marvell 91xx Unified Device Driver, but the end user would have to use a UEFI mainboard that is still not supported.

It is recommended to download the hardware-specific Phoenix RME DIGI CD-ROM ISO image for the QMC-6100A02 card. Please refer to our knowledge base article on how to download the ISO image from our support center: You can also download the required additional Smart Storage Management Card from our support center.It is also recommended to run the self-test of the new Smart Storage Management Card prior to connecting it to the sound card to make sure that the QMC-6100A02 can see all existing connected devices. After successful Smart Storage Management Card self-test, you should plug the Smart Storage Management Card into the sound card (your choice) and connect the cable to both cards.You may also use the available BIOS update utilities, if you are uncomfortable with the manual update described in this article. 3d9ccd7d82


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