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Regardless of the reason why you feel the way that you do, I would like to offer a solution that you could regularly come back to if you happen to get sucker punched or something seems to really suck in your life. Listen in for my step-by-step process to help get you out of that feeling that everything is so horrible.

Hello, hello my friends. How are you guys Let me tell you how I am. I was going to do this podcast on visualization and I had the cover art done, I had everything done, then I had a week last week that rocked my world. I decided to change it from visualization to when something sucks. Because that is what I had been working on all week, is what I call, "A sucker punch to the gut." That's what I've been dealing with all week.

A sucker punch to the gut is something that happens to the best of us for many reasons and it's our, I think, responsibility to get good at dealing with that. I will say it has been probably a year since I've had to deal with anything like this. It's been such an amazing year for me. We've done just so well in terms of my family, my kids, my business, it's constantly killing it, it's like we sell out everything, there's so much interest, there's just so much good going on that I was not expecting my sucker punch.

Now, let me define what that means. You guys know that feeling when someone tells you something and it takes your breath away. It's like, "Oh God, that's awful. I wish you hadn't told me that, say it isn't true." For some of you, it may be a diagnosis, for some of you it may be someone telling you that they don't want to be your friend anymore, they don't want to be married to you anymore, they don't want you to work for them anymore, they don't love you anymore, you have a diagnosis or something horrible that's happened to you or someone that you love, or something bad, those kind of like, "Wait, what just happened" That kind of feeling is what, it's a sucker punch.

For those of you who have children, if your children do something, if they get sucker punched, you might as well be getting sucker punched as well, right It's that same kind of experience when you go through it with your kids, when you go through it yourself. I just recently had a client who her child didn't get into a school that they had applied to, and she felt like she was being sucker punched by the universe. That sucks so bad.

That can feel such a sucker punch like, "Oh, I wish I hadn't done that. I wish I didn't put myself out there." That can be that same feeling. Regardless of your reason for why you feel the way you do, I really want to offer a solution and I want this to be a podcast that you can come back to pretty regularly if you are feeling like you got sucker punched or you're feeling something all of a sudden really sucks in your life. You can follow this process to help get you out of that feeling that everything is so horrible.

What I want you to do is acknowledge that you've been dealt a terrible blow, whether it's self-inflicted, or inflicted by the universe, or inflicted by somebody else. You've experienced a terrible blow. Take a moment and just be like, "This is where we're at right now. This sucks." It may be a big mistake that you made, or it may be nothing that you did at all, but the feeling is the same, it feels like someone punched you in the stomach.

The only thing I have power over right now is my mind and I'm going to watch my mind. You deliberately decide how you want to think, how you want to feel, and how you want to act. You don't let your mind decide that without your consent. It's really, really important. In these moments of us feeling powerless is a lot of times when we start acting out of control. What we'll do is we won't pay attention to our mind. We'll try to disconnect from the pain by overeating, over drinking, over gossiping, talking about our problems too much, victimizing ourselves, dramatizing the problems, reiterating the problem over and over in our own mind, and perpetuating, just continuously sucker punching ourselves over and over again.

One of the best ways I have found to when I realize that I've done something wrong let's say and I'm feeling guilty about it, is I like to allow myself to feel shame or to feel guilt, whether it's appropriate or not. Just be aware of it and carry it around like a heavy purse and just know that it's there and not try and get rid of it and take deep breaths into it and just allow it. Just know this is part of the experience of being alive. This happens to people all the time. Everybody goes through a sucker punch in their life, regularly, and ongoingly.

I really was able to focus on the solution and be in a really aligned and humble place. From there, I asked myself some questions like around the best case scenario and wrote down some thoughts that I could read. The best case scenario for me ended up being this, this will teach him how to handle what is hard. That could be true for us too. This will teach us how to handle what is hard. We are humbled into being the best version of ourselves by being sucker punched. We don't get too big for our britches, as someone would say, right We really remind ourselves where we are in the work that we need to do and stay in that place.

One of the things that I told my son is I said, "This will not be the last time you're sucker punched. This will not be the last time you sucker punch yourself, put yourself in a situation that's terrible." The way that you deal with this and learn how to deal with this and develop the skillset of overcoming adversity will really define you as a man. It's what develops your character. If you never have to suffer, if you never go through anything challenging, you never have to learn how to be that best version of yourself. Because there's never an opportunity for you to have to dig deep through your own suffering, to find that best version of yourself.

If we can learn how to handle hard things, if we can learn how to deal with our own sucker punches that we give to ourselves or the universe gives to us, we will be stronger, we will be better on the other side of it. I really want to encourage you that if you are one of those people who is in that situation right now, if you are in a situation that sucks and you feel powerless, I want you to sit down and say, "I do have control over what I think. I can decide how I want to feel. I get to decide what I want to do."

Reaper is configured to be a strip along the bottom of my screen and is showing all of the tools that I need while I record. Also, note that the punch-points can be easily tweaked after the fact (marked in yellow). This is a real editing time saver.

Now, right-click on the time displayed in the Transport Bar at the bottom of your Reaper window. Enabling the first two selections shown will keep the playhead in the center of the window. The third selection sets Record mode to Normal (not auto-punch). And the last, makes the Transport Bar use the same units as the ruler (above).

So, now that all of that is done. Open a test project in Reaper, create and arm your track, and start playing around. Record a few minutes of audio and make a flub. Drop your playhead before the flub and hit record. You will see that the old take is layered under the new take. After dropping you playhead for a punch-in, try hitting the Z key (that will move the cursor to the next Zero-Crossing point (preventing clicks during edits).

So, with these settings, when I right-click an item and open RX3, do my declicking, etc., save and close, will the declicked version overlay the old like a punch-in, or open a new track for a new take

You can adjust the pre-roll as explained in this post. If your words/breaths are getting cut off then you might not be choosing the best places to start your punch-in. Are you trying to punch into the middle of a sentence Or in the middle of a piece of heated dialog It is best to find a good, solid stop for a punch point, even if it means that you are recording a few more sentences to fix the mistake. The end result will be a smoother transition.

So, again, if you have a tight/tense section, you should probably punch in earlier and re-record the whole thing so it is seamless. Otherwise, you might want to back off a bit and allow space between the sentences.

Hi Paulo, thanks for sharing. I recently got hired by Edge Studio to teach Reaper classes. I will post the dates shortly. In preparation for the class, I am in the process of putting together my custom actions among other things. They will be on the site to download once I am done. 59ce067264


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