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Goblin Episode 01

Goblin Episode 01 >>>

Goblin Episode 01

Episode 1 was pretty long but with reason. So much developed within this one episode but it didn't stay stuck at a slow pace or leave viewers bored for a moment. Kim Shin (Gong Yoo), who has two last names for a name, is a warrior turned deity by the gods due to his thirst for revenge. He is granted the gift of immortality but his punishment is to see everyone he loves die. The usual burden of being immortal, but the drama isn't falling into the spiraling abyss of cliches just yet.

Overall, the plot developed excellently. The beginning had me feeling a bit iffy, but in its entirety, episode 1 evolved into something different and cool. I already have expectations for episode 2 and can't wait to see what will unfold in next weekend's episodes as well!

This first episode features Mojang 3D artist Peter Sheff, as he walks you through the creation of a custom Goblin Chef mob. Here, we will take you from the early concepting phase of the Chef all the way to it being ready to be placed inside of Minecraft. There are three parts to the episode: part 1 is modeling, part 2 is texturing, and part 3 is animating. To make sure we cover the whole creation process, these videos are 10-15 minutes each, so feel free to watch each part separately.

Night Goblin (Korean: 밤도깨비) is a South Korean television program starring Lee Soo-geun, Jeong Hyeong-don, Park Sung-kwang, Lee Hong-gi and Kim Jong-hyeon. It is a reality show where in each episode, the cast will attempt to be the first in line to enter various popular places for food or recreation throughout South Korea.

From episode 27, the Night Goblins will take on a team of guests for broadcast airtime. The concept of No Nights 2 Days will still go on. Both teams will have their own hot places to recommend and go by themselves, and depending on the editors of the show, airtime is allocated to each team as they favour.

In each episode, the cast and guest(s) gather together at around 12 a.m. (KST), then proceed to their base camp, which was set up nearby the popular place. The base camp was set up such that the group are able to monitor the popular place for any movements. At the base camp, they will be camping overnight and, in the next morning, attempt to be the first in line as a team to enter the popular place. Before the start of the overnight camping, the group's handphones are confiscated. The reason being, if not, the group can just set alarms on their phones and wake up in the morning just in time to start to get for first place, which is not allowed at all.

From episode 6, the show's production concept was altered (to No Nights 2 Days) so that filming on each location is now split into 2 episodes, with first half filmed during the day. The first of every 2 episodes will not involve overnight camping, as the targeted hot place(s) opens either at noon, evening or night. The second will involve the original concept of the program. Team and individual battles will also be introduced. Guest(s) are invited to spend the day and/or night together with the cast.

Episode 21 (which was supposed to be on broadcast on 24 December 2017), originally the 2nd half of the Incheon trip and Christmas Special, was supposed to feature SHINee's Jonghyun & Minho as guests. However, on December 18, 2017 Jonghyun suddenly passed away in a suspected suicide. Following the initial news, JTBC Entertainment's YouTube channel has made the video of the episode teaser (uploaded a day prior) "unavailable". It was later announced that the episode will be (initially) put on hold until further notice, with the episode on 24 December 2017 (the original broadcast date) to be a special broadcast of the show.[5]

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