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[S2E6] The Rose And Thorn

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[S2E6] The Rose And Thorn

The key allows its user to control plants.[3][9]The key can be used in the greenhouse. Once it "unlocks" an artifact in the greenhouse, vines grow out of it rapidly. There are roses on the vines, resembling the face of the user. Apparently, the vines are sentient and follow the will of the one who activated them.[3]

Rose, or Roseluck,[note 1] is a female Earth pony with a pale yellow coat, raspberry mane with light raspberry streaks, chartreuse green eyes, and a cutie mark of a rose. She has speaking roles in several episodes and other media.[note 2]

Update:I just found out that there is a virtually identical chapelin the Dallas area! And it was designed by the same architect whodesigned the Skyrose Chapel. It's called the Marty Leonard Chapel,and is located in Fort Worth. There are a few minor differences (enoughto verify that they did indeed film at the SkyRose), but the similarityis amazing. You can see photos of the Dallas Chapel here.

Therearen't many big stars buried at Rose Hills, but it certainly is a beautifulpark. And the name is very appropriate. Not only is it situated inthe hills, but the park does have some spectacular rose gardens(in season) - if flowers are your thing. You'll find the rose gardenat the main entrance on Workman Mill Road.

When Jerathmiel attempted to burn the Weird Sisters at the stake, Sabrina rose from the dead with powers far greater than before. She forced the angels to their knees, coercing them into reciting the Dark Lord's prayer. When Jerathmiel asked her what she was, Sabrina responded by saying that she was the "Dark Lord's sword", conjuring hellfire that incinerated the angels entirely.[1] 59ce067264


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