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Sibyl Fendley
Sibyl Fendley

Miranda Lawson's Sarcastic Female Voice Set

LINK >>>>>

Custom female voice for the Player Voice sets for SSE - Custom Voice Version. A sarcastic female voice made using the xVASynth-win32-x64CPU text to speech program using Miranda Lawson voice from Mass Effect franchise.

I love Yvone in Chuck, and I really can't wait for her in Mass Effect 2. I love her voice, and it seems that the 3D artists at Bioware have done a lot of work on her model, because, ehrm, she looks pretty dang hot. I wonder if Miranda is an option for my female shep...

EDI is a trailblazer, and in more ways than one. She is a rare creature indeed, being an unshackled AI, and this gave her the chance to explore the idea of personhood. In fact, this was when EDI went from "it" to "she" (based on EDI's female voice and later, her mecha body). 59ce067264


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