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An untitled Grand Theft Auto game[a] is in development by Rockstar Games. It is due to be the eighth main Grand Theft Auto game, following Grand Theft Auto V (2013), and the sixteenth instalment overall. Following years of speculation and leaks, Rockstar confirmed in February 2022 that the game is in development. Footage from unfinished versions leaked online in September in what was described as one of the biggest leaks in the history of the video game industry.

Following the release of Grand Theft Auto V in September 2013, Rockstar North president Leslie Benzies said the company had "some ideas" for the next entry in the series.[5] In March 2018, The Know reported the game, code-named Project Americas, would be set primarily in a reworked Vice City[b] and partly in South America, with a female playable protagonist.[8] In April 2020, Kotaku's Jason Schreier reported the game was "early in development" as "a moderately sized release" that would expand over time, to avoid the developer crunch of its predecessors.[9] In July 2021, journalist Tom Henderson claimed the game would be set in modern-day Vice City, its map could evolve akin to Fortnite, and it would not release until 2025;[10][11] Schreier reaffirmed these reports.[12] Writing for Bloomberg News in July 2022, Schreier reported the game, titled Grand Theft Auto VI, entered development in 2014 and would feature a pair of protagonists influenced by Bonnie and Clyde, including a Latina woman; he claimed the developers were cautiously subverting the series' trend of joking about marginalised groups.[13][14]

On 18 September 2022, 90 videos showing 50 minutes of work-in-progress game footage were leaked to GTAForums by a user known as "teapotuberhacker".[3][c] Schreier confirmed with sources at Rockstar that the footage was genuine,[26] and The Guardian reported it was from several stages of development,[3] with some videos about a year old.[1] The footage reveals a modern-day Vice City setting, contains animation tests, gameplay tests, level layouts, and conversations between characters, and depicts the player characters, Jason and Lucia, entering a strip club and robbing a diner.[1][27] The hacker claimed to be behind the Uber security breach from the earlier week.[26][28] They claimed to have downloaded the files directly from Rockstar's internal Slack groups,[29] and they possessed source code, assets, and internal builds of both the new game and Grand Theft Auto V, which they threatened to publish.[26]

Take-Two responded by submitting takedowns of videos showing or discussing the leaks hosted on YouTube under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act,[3][30] and contacted moderators of GTAForums and Reddit to remove access.[31] The hacker wrote they were "looking to negotiate a deal" with Rockstar or Take-Two.[32] Several journalists described the event as one of the biggest leaks in video game history;[33][34][35] Schreier called it "a nightmare for Rockstar Games" that could limit remote work flexibility for employees.[2][36] Jefferies analyst Andrew Uerkwitz called it a "PR disaster" that could potentially delay the game and diminish staff morale, but was unlikely to impact reception or sales.[37][38] The Guardian noted the leaked footage was being widely criticised "by ill-informed users" due to its quality, despite not being representative of


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