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For those unfamiliar with the summer treat, they are distinctly different from snow cones and Hawaiian ice and but bear some similarities to the New Orleans snoball. Unlike the crushed ice snow cone, the Baltimore snowball typically consists of finely shaved ice.

As legends go, Baltimoreans have been enjoyed shaved ice since the 1800s. Trucks shipping ice to the south would pass through Baltimore, and kids would chase them asking for shavings. When they brought the ice shavings back home, their mothers would make flavored syrups, such as the Baltimore favorite, egg custard, made out of eggs, vanilla, and sugar.

The development of small bumps after shaving is fairly common, and in most cases, is not a cause for concern. These bumps are usually ingrown hairs caused by irritation to the skin as the newly shaved hair exits the skin. They will typically go away on their own after several weeks as the skin releases the embedded hair.

Are you seeking the independence and freedom of owning your own shaved ice business Are you looking for an opportunity to supplement your current income Are you interested in running a business that you can enjoy as a family The reasons for becoming a Tropical Sno Dealer are numerous, but whatever the reason, Tropical Sno will assist you every step of the way.

Tropical Sno is a very exciting and fun business venture. My husband and I were searching for the perfect income supplement for our family to save for future college and extras. It is a great business for me to manage and still stay home with my children. This awesome brand has been a summer favorite in my town for over 20 years. I'm the proud owner of the original "hut." My first summer flew by and at times, was a challenge to keep up with the demand for the delicious treat. Many customers told me personally how happy they were to see Tropical Sno come back to the community. This product is the best out there from the shaved ice to the unmatched flavors. I only have one year under my belt, but I hope to be a part of this business for years to come.

I am a college student attending Missouri University of Science & Technology in Rolla, Missouri. I've grown up in Rolla and most of my life there's been some sort of Tropical Sno dealer in town. Throughout high school, I became very good friends with the owner of the Tropical Sno "shack" as we called it. Working with him, I learned the ins and outs of the business. When I found out the owner was moving and not taking his shack with him, I expressed my interest in purchasing it from him. I was able to successfully buy it, and I now own the best-tasting and most successful shaved ice stand around. Tropical Sno has given me wonderful business skills and management experience as well as the money to pay for my college. I've been a part of two different blind taste tests where Tropical Sno consistently ranked higher than competing companies. I'm extremely happy and proud to be a part of a company that I know I can honestly call myself #1.

Tropical Sno has been in my small community since 1994 when my son was a preschooler. We were customers for several years. In 2002, my husband & I purchased the business. It has been great for my family & our community. It gave my son a summer job that helped with college expenses. Several teens in our small community got their first work experience at Tropical Sno. Many of these young workers are like family to me. Many of them are now bringing their children for shaved ice. The flavors are top quality, true to life fruit flavors. We have so many loyal customers. They ask all during the off season when we will be opening for the next season. Tropical Sno products are easy to order from the corporate office in Utah. If you have questions, there are dealer relationship managers that will help get you started. As I stated earlier, I am from a small community & will be opening for our 15th season in 2016. We do well but if you want to travel with the business to where


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