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[S1E7] The Breaking Point

[S1E7] The Breaking Point ===>

[S1E7] The Breaking Point

"The Breaking Point" is the 7th Episode of Band of Brothers. It is seen from the point of view of 1st Sgt. C. Carwood Lipton as he watches as several men near the breaking point in the Ardennes. Lipton is also the narrator.

Easy returns to the front line in the forest just outside of Foy. As they dig new foxholes and strengthen the existing ones, they are bombarded several times. A shell hits very close to Joe Toye, and he loses half of his right leg. Bill Guarnere, rushes out and begins to drag Toye to safety when a shell explodes near both of them, causing Guarnere to lose his right leg as well. As Compton approaches both men, he suddenly has trouble calling for a medic; the shock of the situation has become Compton's "breaking point," and he is taken off the front line. The worst shelling takes place at night and sees the deaths of Corporal Penkala and Sgt. Skip Muck, a moment witnessed by George Luz. A shell also lands in Luz and Lipton's foxhole, but doesn't explode. Lipton is so shaken up by it that he takes a cigarette from Luz even though he doesn't smoke. Muck and Penkala were good friends of Don Malarkey who becomes saddened by their deaths. To boost his mood a bit, Lipton gives Malarkey Hoob's Luger for his brother.

Meanwhile, George and Flo are on the boat surrounded by water and mist on the Thames. She talks about having another appointment at Greenwich but George insists they stay near the warehouse. When Flo spots something moving, George freaks out but Flo guarantees his safety with her.

Something which seemingly was going to be an uphill battle until Marty complimented a painting that Wendy pointed out as hideous. With that, she hands her information over and Marty empties her account. Then, not too long after, post an argument with her son, Eugenia is hit by a garbage truck. Which, considering Sam decided to reveal Eugenia got duped in a way, may have been the best thing to happen to Marty in a while.

Kim meets with Betsy and Craig Kettleman and proposes a plea deal that includes the return of the embezzled $1.6 million and 16 months in prison for Craig. Since losing a trial would mean 30 years in prison, she recommends Craig accept. Betsy refuses, maintaining Craig's innocence and denying there is any money to return. The Kettlemans fire Kim and hire Jimmy, who initially urges them to accept the plea bargain. Betsy blackmails Jimmy by pointing out that the "retainer" the Kettlemans paid him[b] implicates him in their crime. While picking up records from HHM, Jimmy discovers Kim has been demoted as a result of losing the Kettlemans as clients.

The episode received a generally positive reception from critics. On Rotten Tomatoes, based on 24 reviews, it received a 92% approval rating with an average score of 7.69 out of 10. The site's consensus reads, "A more low-key episode than the heart-wrenching one that came before, "Bingo" feels like a turning point in Jimmy's ongoing quest to be a better person."[2] IGN gave the episode an 8.8 rating.[3] The Telegraph rated the episode 4 out of 5 stars.[4]

I've learned to keep my eyes peeled during the fake WandaVision commercials. Even though they don't seem to have directly tied into any plot points yet, they're definitely chock-full of Marvel Easter eggs that may or may not tell us about where things are going in the bigger picture. This episode's commercial is especially interesting. It makes sense for this week's ad to ostensibly be for an antidepressant since Wanda is clearly struggling with depression after that explosive Halloween (probably some combination of a hangover from using her powers so much so recently, as well as Agatha's mind poison), but that brand name "Nexus" sticks out like a sore thumb. It kinda sounds like those sci-fi names they used to give the Infinity Stones, like "Tesseract" or "Aether," and that's not far from the truth. In fact, "Nexus" actually does share a name with a


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