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Buy Candle Jars

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The most popular materials for candle containers are glass and metal. You can also use stoneware or ceramic bowls or ramekins. Whatever you choose, it needs to be able to stand up to high temperatures without melting, cracking, or catching on fire. So steer clear of any vessels made of plastic or wood.

So anyway, once again, smaller candle containers will be easier to work with because one simple cotton wick in the center should give you a nice wax pool. As a candle gets wider, it will need a larger wick and or multiple wicks to get the desired wax pool. And it often takes some experimenting to get it just right.

A 4 ounce candle makes a really nice, but not too expensive gift. Most of these candle jars can use a single wick. Small ceramic bowls and ramekins make fun and different candle vessels as well. And just for reference, 4 oz is equal to a half cup.

I am thinking about starting to make.candles. I just wanted to thank you for presenting a detailed guide for vessels and where they can be purchased. The article was clear, concise, informative and will be a great resource for those of us that are just beginning, as well as experienced candle makers. Thanks again!Michelle Snyder

The first of its kind, our patent pending refillable candle jar makes it easy for you to push up on the flexible base to *pop* out the leftover wax! Instead of throwing away your used candle jars or spending hours trying to upcycle them, now you can just reuse the jar and slide one of our custom wax refills right in. From there, just light it like normal!

"Ordered from Peach State Candle Supply not that long ago, and all of the jars came in tact! They are wrapped carefully so they don't break. They also sent in a free candy which I thought was very cute and nice of them. Very receptive to customers and always happy to help!"

"Very happy with the service I received from this company. I received my jars on the date I was advised they would be here and all jars were intact. Lids from another company fit like I was told they would. I'll be ordering from them again."

Our journey started like many candle makers. We bought a kit from Hobby Lobby and decided to give it a try as we wanted a candle from Bath and Body that was out of season. Founded in 2021 we have grown our candle supply business to support all types of makers in the United States! We truly appreciate the support our customers have given us.

The freezing method tends to be one of the most popular, because popping a used candle jar into the freezer overnight will freeze the remaining wax, making it pop right out of the jar with a little tap on the counter.

Soaking the candle in a bowl (or sink with the sink stopper in) for roughly 30 minutes is another great way to clean a candle jar. The water should work its way under the wax to help loosen it so you can easily scrape it out.

A bit more time-consuming but great for stubborn remaining wax, is to actually put the candle in the oven for 15 minutes, upside down on an aluminum foil lined pan. The wax will melt and drip onto the foil where it can then be discarded.

Candle jars make a wonderful home for small succulents. A perfect size to be placed on a desk, bookshelf, or in the corner of your kitchen, they also retain water for plants that thrive without frequent watering.

Because candle jars are the perfect size to be placed on a desk, they are sheer perfection when it comes to containing pens, pencils, and markers. Plus, if the candle was originally one that held sentimental value such as being a gift from a friend or family member, it brings a little smile into the workplace without adding to your desktop clutter.

With more people utilizing ATMs and online banking rather than going into the bank to deposit money, loose change can add up. But by creating a place to save it, you can get a jump start on funding your next candle purchase.

Reusing a candle jar to separate, contain, and store beauty items on your bathroom counter means that you


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