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It comes on an enhanced CD containing one audio track, along with several bonus features on the data track, such as the band's disbandment statement, a full discography and a live video of "The Last Song", filmed during the band's last concert on December 31, 1997 at the Tokyo Dome.[1] The single's cover art depicts X Japan co-founders Yoshiki and Toshi embracing during the aforementioned concert, which was also released as a live album (The Last Live) and a home video (The Last Live Video), however, the footage of this song was cut from the video. It was later restored when the home video was re-released in 2011 as The Last Live Complete Edition.

As its name states, this song was the last song released by X Japan, until 2008 when they released "I.V.", the theme song for Saw IV, and the last song to feature new work from their longtime guitarist hide before his death.

The "Last Live" performance was the first and last time the song was played live by this lineup of the band, it was however the first song the band performed live after reuniting, as it was the opening song at their first reunion concert on March 28, 2008 also at the Tokyo Dome.[2] The 1997 performance ended with the band laying down their instruments one by one, in a manner similar to Joseph Haydn's Farewell Symphony, until only Yoshiki was left playing the piano.[3]

Yoshiki Hayashi (Japanese: 林 佳樹, Hepburn: Hayashi Yoshiki, born November 20, 1965), known as Yoshiki, is a Japanese musician, songwriter, composer and record producer. He is best known as the leader and a co-founder of the visual kei rock bands X Japan and The Last Rockstars, for which he is the drummer, pianist, and main songwriter.[5] He has been described by Billboard as a "musical innovator"[6] and named "one of the most influential composers in Japanese history" by Consequence of Sound.[7] Yoshiki's solo career includes several classical studio albums and collaborations with artists such as George Martin, Bono,, Jennifer Hudson, St. Vincent, Stan Lee, Roger Taylor and Brian May of Queen, Gene Simmons and KISS, Nicole Scherzinger, and Sarah Brightman.

In 1999, at the request of the Japanese government, he composed and performed a classical song at a celebration in honor of the tenth anniversary of Emperor Akihito's enthronement. Yoshiki also composed the theme for the 69th Golden Globe Awards[8][9] as well as for several anime and film soundtracks including Attack on Titan and Saw IV.

Yoshiki was born on November 20, 1965 in Tateyama, Chiba Prefecture, as the elder of two brothers in a musically oriented family. His father was a tap dancer and jazz pianist, his mother played the shamisen, while his aunt played the koto.[10] He began taking piano lessons and music theory at age four.[11] He then became interested in classical works by Ludwig van Beethoven and Franz Schubert.[11] In elementary school, he played the trumpet in the brass band, and around age ten started composing songs for piano.[11] This period was a decisive point in his life. He was 10 years old when his father committed suicide; he found relief in rock music.[12][13] After discovering the music of American hard rock band Kiss, he started learning to play drums and guitar. Yoshiki was also influenced by works from Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden, Sex Pistols, David Bowie, Queen, The Beatles, Charged GBH and Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky.[14] Soon with his childhood friend Toshi formed a band called Dynamite in 1977. Dynamite changed its name to Noise a year later.

On April 21, 1993 he released his first original solo album, the classical studio album Eternal Melody, which was performed by the London Philharmonic Orchestra and produced by the Beatles producer George Martin.[25] Besides including orchestral arrangements of X Japan songs, it contained two new songs as well. The album reached number 6 on the charts.[26] On November 3, the singles "Amethyst" and "Ima wo Dakishimete" (今を抱きしめて) were released and reached number five


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