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Iphone Car Mounts Best Buy

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There are two things to consider when buying a car phone holder. One, will it fit your phone And two, will it fit your car The good news is that the mounts listed below will work with all popular smartphones.

The best car phone mounts are invaluable tools when you're out on the open road. Maybe your car has a fancy modern infotainment system, or maybe it doesn't. Either way there are things your phone can offer that are incredibly useful while you're driving. Providing you don't let it divert your attention from what's going on around you.

A good car phone mount securely holds your phone in place, in a spot that is visible but still out of your direct line of sight. There's never a bad time to pick one up either, and there are countless options to suit your preferences and style. We've tested some of the best car phone mounts, and these are our favorites.

Although car phone mounts have been around for a few years now they have evolved to meet the changing needs of users. Naturally, you can expect hands-free ease of use, which will keep you legal, but the best car phone mounts are also much more practical than they used to be.

Why do you need an iPhone car mount It's now illegal in most places to hold your phone and use it while you drive. Using one of the best car phone mounts is vital if you want to use your iPhone while driving, whether it's to answer calls, play music, or get directions. A great overall option is the Kenu Airframe+. Here are some of the best iPhone car mount options you can buy.

The Kenu Airframe+ is one of our favorite iPhone car mounts. It's affordable, installs easily into your car's vent without blocking airflow, and can expand to hold even bigger-sized devices. The sides clamp on to your iPhone to give it a secure fit, and you won't have to worry about your device falling while you're driving.

If you have an iPhone 12 series handset or newer, you can use all of the best MagSafe accessories, including the Belkin Car Vent Mount PRO with MagSafe. As described in our review, it's dead simple to use, your iPhone will just snap into place. Just be sure that if you're using a case, you use a MagSafe-compatible case. Otherwise, the magnetic mount won't be strong enough.

ProClip offers custom mounting solutions that you build on its site. You enter your iPhone model and vehicle make, and ProClip's site points you to the specific mounts you need to mount your iPhone in your car correctly. They can get a little pricey, but it's worth it for the last mount you'll need (in this vehicle and with this phone, anyway).

If you're looking for a magnetic iPhone car mount with a small footprint, then the Steelie is the best. There are several configurations, but the basic one is a small magnetic ball that attaches to your dashboard and a little magnetic circle that adheres to your iPhone case. The magnet is powerful, and you can orient your iPhone in any way you like.

These are the best car mounts for your best iPhone like the new iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro. They'll keep your phone out of your hands while you're driving (and hopefully a ticket off your record!), and they'll let you check directions and more on the go.

We've used the Kenu Airframe+ through several iPhone generations. It adjusts to any size. The vent clip rotates and adjusts to fit both standard and thick vent slats. Since it doesn't rely on a magnet, you don't need any special metal case or plate on your iPhone. You can even take it out of your car, stick a credit card into the vent clip, and voila! You have a kickstand for watching videos. It only weighs an ounce, so you can easily stick it in your bag or pocket. Plus, the Kenu Airframe+ has a lifetime warranty. If you're looking for the best magnetic car mount for iPhone or the best MagSafe car mounts, we've rounded up those as well.

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