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Where Can I Buy American Girl Dolls Near Me

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Every doll has painted eyebrows, generally in a color similar to the hair color. They were almost always thin straight lines ("straight" brows) until the Josefina doll, who was the first to have "feathered" brows--multiple small brow lines that were slightly thicker near the median and tapered out to the sides, for a more realistic-appearing eyebrow. The feathered brows were also given to Kaya. For several years after Kaya, dolls could have either straight or feathered brows but around the time of the BeForever relaunch most dolls with straight brows had them redone to feathered, and nowadays nearly every doll is given feathered by default. The shape of the eyebrows changed slightly in 2022.

The arms and hands are made of vinyl with curved cups at top to fit in the torso joint cup. The hands have small molded nails and defined lines to simulate the folds where finger joints are naturally. The thumb and fingers are curled in slightly; the fingers are splayed, with the ring and middle finger fused and the pointer finger slightly fused to the middle. The pinky is separate. There are two lines on the palm. The curled fingers allow the dolls to "hold" various items.

Every American Girl retail store has a doll hospital where customers can bring their dolls for repairs, but the wellness center is an exclusive feature that was added to the American Girl Place flagships in October 2019.

"These are for a girl who is just getting into school and getting into more of this larger community where her life doesn't just revolve around her, but now revolves around others," Cygielman said. "The five characters make up a team that teaches girls empathy, kindness, and the importance of being a good friend."

"Whether it's social injustices or school bullying, whatever the topic is, those are all very near and dear to girls' hearts, and they have been rites of passage to girlhood for over 200 years," Cygielman said.

American Girl dolls are sweet, adorable toys that have captured the hearts of many girls and boys, from kids, teens and even adults! The Beforever and Girl Of The Year dolls all come with their own unique stories and are great companions for amazing adventures. If you are interested in buying an American Girl doll you should research the products, determine where you want to purchase the doll, and keep your eye out for sales.

American Girl is an American line of 18-inch (46 cm) dolls released on May 5, 1986, by Pleasant Company. The dolls portray eight- to fourteen-year-old boys and girls of various ethnicities, faiths, and social classes from different time periods throughout history. They are sold with accompanying books told from the viewpoint of the girls. Originally the stories focused on various periods of American history, but were expanded to include characters and stories from contemporary life. Aside from the original American Girl dolls, buyers also have the option to purchase dolls that look like themselves. The options for the line of Truly Me dolls include eye color, face mold, skin color, hair texture, and hair length. A variety of related clothing and accessories is also available. A service for ordering a custom-made doll with features and clothing specified by the owner dubbed Create Your Own, has also been introduced in 2017.

The Historical Characters line of 18-inch dolls, which were derived from the 18-inch dolls made by Götz in West Germany (known as Germany from October 1990) during the late 1980s to the 1990s,[6] were initially the main focus of Pleasant Company, founded by Pleasant Rowland in 1986. This product line aims to teach aspects of American history through a six-book series from the perspective of a girl living in that time period. Pleasant Rowland came up with the idea after she returned from a trip to Colonial Williamsburg, where she noticed there was a significant void in the toy market for younger-aged dolls and saw an opportunity to provide an alternative to baby and adult dolls.[7] Although t


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