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Where To Buy Bamboo Socks


Bamboo Socks are a delight. Trying BambooMN's mens and womens socks is a completely new experience. Buy Bamboo Socks Online from BambooMN and take advantage of our wide selection and low prices. These Bamboo Products are made from the highest quality materials to ensure you get great Bamboo Socks at the lowest wholesale pricing.

BambooMN brand Bamboo Socks are not just about the feel, but also how they look. Offering a wide range of bamboo sock styles and designs, including Men's and Women's Rayon. You will be sure to find bold patterns that are both colorful and reserved. BambooMN delivers a wide variety of colors. Bamboo is a durable, strong material That will give your foot great support.

We carry a broad range of environment-friendly kitchen and dinnerware supplies, catering and presentation solutions for parties and events. We also feature apparel, yarn & knitting supplies, home & garden tools and furnishings, as well as bamboo picks, skewers, custom engraved cutting boards, trays, utensils, coasters and plates.

Do you need breathable socks that keep your feet cool How about socks made from natural fibers If so, bamboo socks are for you! This collection of all our bamboo socks for men and women is full of fun, comfortable socks for people with hot feet.

Thank you so much for visiting our site! We are a small family run, socially responsible business located in beautiful area of San Diego County called Rainbow, California, USA. We have been working with bamboo for over 15 years. We started with various bamboo products including the first of its kind bamboo skateboards as an Eco friendly alternative to maple skateboards. Read More.

From cows to whales, we've got a wide range of beautiful bamboo socks that save animals for you to choose from! With 20+ global charity partnerships, we're excited to save as many endangered animals as possible. Why not join us

Activ-Step eco-friendly socks are abrasion resistant, naturally antibacterial and highly comfortable.Packed with features they are manufactured using more than 50% bamboo and have wear resistance higher than normal industry standards.The packaging has been selected with careful consideration, featuring recycled and recyclable kraft card and soya inks which make it far easier for our recycling centres to process.Available in two sizes UK 6-12 and UK 13-16.Packed with zero single use plastic, 2 pairs per pack.58% BambooCMIA (Cotton Made In Africa) Cotton 7%Recycled Polyester 33%2% Elastane

When you buy from our sock shop, you are paying for top-quality socks and a better future. Each of the brands on our page support different causes and sport different designs, but they are all committed to creating a fashion environment that is sustainable and can keep us warm, clothed, and stylish for many years to come.

These socks have become a bit of an obsession. I have so many pairs now both those I have bought and those I have asked for as a Christmas present. They are so warm. Ideal for this cold, rainy winter. This particular pair are very cosy but, to be honest, all the rest I have bought are too. I have only bought the wool blend so far. Hoping to try the others as things warm up.

*THIS IS AN HONEST NON-SPONSORED REVIEW * I first found these socks on a small island in Scotland, and every December I buy myself a new pair. Well, I'm getting married this year and realized my bridesmaids may just love the pure heaven that are these special socks just as much as I do.... so yes. I ordered 5 for them and yes , fine, i'll admit it, i ordered some more for myself while I was checking out. THEY ARE TOO GOOD NOT TO SHARE. I will forever buy Joya socks for the people I love (including, of course, myself ;) )

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on our planet and is highly sustainable. Bamboo fibre is soft, strong and naturally anti bacterial, making it ideal for socks and underwear to keep you dry and odour free. Joya Bamboo Socks contain 80% Bamboo - which is more than mos


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