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Good Luck Chuck

Good Luck Chuck >>>

Good Luck Chuck

Stu and Chuck attend the wedding of one of Chuck's ex-girlfriends, Katie. During the reception, Katie toasts Chuck for being her lucky charm, which gains the interest of his female tablemates. Chuck becomes enamored with Cam Wexler, an unusually clumsy, yet attractive and friendly penguin scientist working at a marine mammal park.

The next day, Chuck's office is full of women. He asks Stu if anything's different about him; they also find that Carol is engaged thanks to Chuck being a lucky charm. His date that evening wants to have sex with him because of the charm, but he gets an emergency call from Cam, who chipped her tooth in a work accident at the penguin exhibit.

Chuck fixes her tooth, but instead of accepting monetary payment, he asks her out for dinner, but Cam declines as she is not emotionally ready. He returns home to find his receptionist Reba coming onto him hoping he will be her lucky charm.

Anyway, Charlie, who has been unlucky in love, meets Cam (Jessica Alba), who works at a seaquarium and loves penguins so much, she might herself be willing to sit on one of their eggs all winter. Apart from being beautiful and friendly, her character trait is that she's a klutz, so physically dangerous she might even step on her own toes. Whatever she touches, she breaks, knocks over, turns on or damages.

The ad for Charlie on Reba's computer screen says this: "Charlie Logan, DDS, a local dentist is fast becoming a legend. Women claim that he's a lucky charm because everyone he shakes the sheets with finds her soul mate in the next guy she dates. Lucky for you, he's not bad on the eyes either. Dr. Logan goes by Charlie to his friends. Was known as Chuck in high school and sometimes uses the name Charles for his work. He frequents the coffee shop on Third and Main Street (in the lobby of the building that houses his practice). He was also spotted at a jazz club downtown last Thursday, where he went to see delta blues guitarist Josh Stolberg, who next plays there on 16th of the month. We are currently trying to find a home address for him (please check back soon)."

Dane Cook, who has somehow transformed from a slightly better-looking standup comedian into the go-to leading man for lowbrow romantic comedies, plays Chuck, a womanizing dentist who's dubbed a good luck charm by the string of married women who dated him right before meeting Mr. Right. With the coaxing of his sex obsessed pal Stu (Dan Fogler) and dozens of willing women, Chuck becomes every single girl's dream one-night stand. The movie's "romantic" storyline is fueled by Jessica Alba as Cam, the one girl Chuck actually doesn't want to lose to the "next guy." But if he seals the deal with her, he's convinced that she'll move on and leave him broken-hearted. Thrown into their supposed chemistry is the fact that Cam is a total klutz who keeps accidentally hurting herself and Chuck, who suffers mild stabbing, electrocution, and bonks on the head when he's around her.

Dane Cook and Jessica Alba made a popular couple as their new romanticcomedy Good Luck Chuck opened in secondplace with a solid $13.7M. Lionsgate released the R-rated pic in 2,612locations and averaged a commendable $5,227 per site. Critics trashed thefilm but moviegoers paid no attention. The debut was 20% better than the$11.4M opening of Cook's last comedy Employeeof the Month which the distributor bowed last October. In Chuck,the actor plays a man who women find lucky since all his ex-girlfriendsgo on to get engaged after dating him.

Jodie Foster dropped two spots with her vigilante thriller TheBrave One which fell 46% to $7.3M in its second weekend. TheWarner Bros. release has grossed $25M in ten days and should reach thevicinity of $44M, or a little less than half of the grosses of the laststarring roles for the actress - $89.7M for Flightplanand $95.3M for Panic Room. The LionsgateWestern 3:10 to Yuma continued to havegood legs easing only 31% to $6.2M for a 17-


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