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michelleu Edmitrievz

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Good breakdown of what matters, help to narrow down recommendations. A few things: 1. Always buy based on whats available right now, not whats promised in software. That being said, expect 1.5 years of software updates 2. spO2 is fairly irrelevant, but if youre worried b/c of covid, or if you live at altitude that makes sense 3. With spotify, you can listen to music OFFLINE with a garmin, apple watch must be online (either phone, or LTE version). Which is a huge difference in cost + recurring monthly cost to add LTE to the watch 4. The Venu definitely has a better display than the VA4, go to an REI, or local shop and test them out. If you are set on the display then go with the Venu. If you can find a good deal, look at the the 745, Fenix 6, or 945 (based on your requirements, I think the VA4 or Venu is the cheapest way to get what you want). What you are really paying for is the better battery life 3d9ccd7d82


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