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Where To Buy Vinyl Shipping Boxes


Where To Buy Vinyl Shipping Boxes

There are twelve FedEx Express white packaging options to choose from, including envelopes, paks, tubes, and boxes ranging in size from small to extra large. Packaging is available at no extra cost for use with FedEx Express parcel shipments. Brown packaging is available for purchase in various sizes and shapes, including specialty boxes. Customers can choose to use the brown packaging for shipping with both FedEx Express and FedEx Ground.

If you are a slob, put on gloves before you touch any expensive records, especially old ones where the gloss is gone, and the sleeves are just begging to soak up your gross finger stains. If you know how to handle a vinyl record properly, you can get away without gloves, but it is still better to use them.

If you add up the cost of the materials plus the shipping, it can be quite expensive. Assuming you had to buy a roll of bubble wrap, a box of 10 shipping boxes (singles are way more expensive, relatively), stiffeners (singles are not available, that I can find), blue tape (can be six bucks or more), record cover and media cover, you are looking at over 25 bucks easily, before you even ship it.

Add about 10 to 15 dollars extra on top of the other prices mentioned for a good ballpark cost for the international shipping of records. You can expect to spend approximately $20 to $25, give or take $7 to $8, depending on where you are shipping.

If you are planning a move, DJing on the road, or otherwise traveling and you will be transporting your vinyl collection yourself, instead of shipping it, read this article. It explains how to travel with vinyl records.

Envelopes for letter or legal sized documents are available for Next-Day or 2-day air shipping. Tubes and different sized Express boxes are also available. If you use your own packaging and are required to include printed documents, pouches for domestic or international shipments are available for you to enclose the documents.

Packaging supplies such as shipping boxes, shipping envelops, labels, tubes, etc. are listed in the app, including information about their dimensions. You can see everything available by logging in here.

TwisterBox is a novel non-glued vinyl record shipping box, designed to be folded easily in seconds for double-layer/corner crush-proof buffer protection, and which is also adaptable to both single and multiple item shipments without the need for flats or other empty space fillers.

No one wants (or will accept) a damaged record. Using these tips for packing and shipping vinyl records from The Packaging Company, your vintage and valuable records will make it to their new homes with a song in their step.

Our 12" Vinyl Record Mailers have been used by a number of independent record stores & distributors for shipping records around NZ for many years now. Due to the ever increasing demand & popularity of vinyl in recent years, we've decided to offer them to purchase in small quantities.

Today, this pleated paper found in certain protective product packaging has become standard in the shipping industry. Cost-effective, sturdy, environmentally friendly, and easily recyclable, the corrugated cardboard box is a popular pick for small businesses when shipping products. Here are the types of cheap shipping boxes available, and where you can go to find them.

Large shipping companies such as USPS, FedEx, DHL, and UPS all offer free shipping supplies, including boxes and mailers, if you use their services. Although this limits you to using a certain company (like USPS if you choose to use their Priority Mail boxes), it can be a good way to save money in the long run. Prices range from free to around $100 for specialty boxes.

Although the company has limited retail locations, Staples offers plenty of options when it comes to mailing supplies, including shipping boxes. If you buy boxes online, you can sort them by size, shape, and box type. Prices range from $1 to hundreds of dollars.

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