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FE Helicopter Script


FE Helicopter Script

I'm wondering if there is a FE Helicopter script I could use so I could just use the script in a game and look cool. I know that there is Nullware Re-Animate but I don't know how to use the script to make my own FE Animations. If one of you actually makes your own FE Helicopter, you are a legend. I'm just a basic scripter so I don't know that much. (here is an image on how i want it to look)

On July 23, 1982, a Bell UH-1 Iroquois helicopter crashed at Indian Dunes[2] in Valencia, California, United States, during the making of Twilight Zone: The Movie. The crash killed actor Vic Morrow and child actors Myca Dinh Le and Renee Shin-Yi Chen, who were on the ground, and injured the six helicopter passengers. The incident led to years of civil and criminal action against the personnel overseeing the shoot, including director John Landis, and the introduction of new procedures and safety standards in the filmmaking industry.

Twilight Zone: The Movie featured four segments. In the script for the first segment, "Time Out", character Bill Connor (Vic Morrow) is transported back in time to the Vietnam War, where he has become a Vietnamese man protecting two children from American troops.[3]

The children were hired after Peter Wei-Teh Chen, Renee's uncle, was approached by a colleague whose wife was a production secretary for the film. Chen first thought of his brother's six-year-old daughter Renee, whose parents agreed to let her participate. He then called a Vietnamese colleague, Daniel Le, who had a seven-year-old son named Myca. Myca was an outgoing boy who enjoyed posing for pictures, so his parents thought he would be interested. Chen later testified that he was never informed that either of the children would be in proximity to a helicopter or explosives.[7][8]

The night scene called for Morrow's character to carry the two children out of a deserted village and across a shallow river while being pursued by American soldiers in a hovering helicopter. The helicopter was piloted by Vietnam War veteran Dorcey Wingo.[11][12] During the filming, Wingo stationed his helicopter 25 ft (7.6 m) from the ground, while hovering near a large mortar effect; he then turned the aircraft 180 degrees to the left for the next camera shot.[13] The effect was detonated while the helicopter's tail-rotor was still above it, causing the rotor to fail and detach from the tail. The low-flying helicopter spun out of control. At the same time, Morrow dropped Chen into the water. He was reaching out to grab her when the helicopter fell on top of him and the two children. Morrow and Le were decapitated by the helicopter's main rotor blades, while Chen was crushed to death by the helicopter's right landing skid; all three died almost instantly.[5]

At the trial, the defense claimed that the explosions were detonated at the wrong time. Randall Robinson, an assistant cameraman on board the helicopter, testified that production manager Dan Allingham told Wingo, "That's too much. Let's get out of here," when the explosions were detonated, but Landis shouted over the radio: "Get lower... lower! Get over [lower]!" Robinson said that Wingo tried to leave the area, but that "we lost our control and regained it and then I could feel something let go and we began spinning around in circles."[14] Stephen Lydecker, another camera operator on board, testified that Landis had earlier "shrugged off" warnings about the stunt with the comment, "We may lose the helicopter."[15] Lydecker acknowledged that Landis might have been joking when he made the remark, but added, "I learned not to take anything the man said as a joke. It was his attitude. He didn't have time for suggestions from anybody."[16]

In October 1984, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) issued its report on the accident. The probable cause of the accident was the detonation of debris-laden high temperature special effects explosions too near to a low-flying helicopter, leading


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