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Fearing the repercussions of his lies, Kenobi went to Sidious in secret, requesting to be assigned to the Jedi Temple on Ahch-To. [18] Learning from his former student, Sidious ordered Darth Vader to kill him, with the Sith Lord doing so, in front of the former Jedi who was watching. Unperturbed, Sidious told Vader that his son was dead. He then told them they were to share a vision of the future, with Plagueis creating a new vision for his master to experience. Vader was shown footage of Sidious and Plagueis merging their consciousnesses in their future to form a group called the Dark Council, which will be the next step in reaching the true end of the galaxy. [19] However, Sidious' vision was subtly flawed: Plagueis did not fully die, instead settling into a form of partial sleep, in which he would be drained of his Force. [6] In turn, Sidious did not die. His soul was instead fed a great Force by Plagueis, effectively imburing him as a dark master. [18] Plagueis was also able to awaken the Emperor, who was now feared to be the enemy at the heart of the galaxy. Eventually, they reached the end of the galaxy, through which they proceeded to rule the galaxy. [25]

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