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michelleu Edmitrievz
michelleu Edmitrievz

Gfx Boot Customizer V1.0.0.7 Mega

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The Mega Spirit 4 shines in all conditions, trails and conditions. "The Mega Spirit 4 is the second best boot in the performance/off-piste contest. Its all about powder conditions and the bulk of its shortcomings are replaced by its performance in powder and low-steep situations."

"Awesome boot for powder! The Spirit 4 took our breath away. We are normally hardcore ski/boot guys who are impressed by the performance and looks of the boot. The Spirit 4, however, was another beast altogether. We skied at Cloudmont Ski resort in the Sierra Nevada range above Mammoth, California and the Spirit 4 looked and performed like a dream. It had a very wide base and was incredibly easy to turn in the powder. It performed well on the wide open powder filled runs where we could get it pointed downhill as we wanted. It's very responsive, easy to strap on, and has a comfortable cushion and flex."

The volume and padding in the Spirit 4 is also noticeable when off the piste. "The Spirit 4 is again, one of the most comfortable boots we've ever tested, we can go for days and days wearing them and when we take them off there isn't a trace of discomfort anywhere. We can sit all day on the couch and the boot still feels comfortable. The boot has very high volume and padding which makes it cozy whether we are going to be skiing or resting."

"The Scarpa Mega Spirit 4 takes the "top of the heap" title in the adventure category. Though not a very light boot, this ride is filled to the gills and is well balanced. The Spirit 4 truly is a game changer, especially when pushing the limit. This boot handles steep terrain and deep powder like a dream, and is incredibly comfortable." 3d9ccd7d82


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