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{LA Transcript By Robert Morning Sky}

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LA Transcript By Robert Morning Sky

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LA Transcript by Robert Morning Sky: A Controversial Account of Alien History

In 1996, Robert Morning Sky, a self-proclaimed Native American shaman and researcher, published a book called LA Transcript, which claimed to reveal the hidden history of humanity and its extraterrestrial origins. The book was based on a series of lectures that Morning Sky gave in Los Angeles in 1995, where he allegedly shared the information he received from a star being named Bek'Ti, who crashed near his grandfather's reservation in 1947.

According to Morning Sky, Bek'Ti was one of the survivors of the Roswell UFO incident, and he told him the story of how Earth was colonized by an alien race called the Annunaki, who came from a planet called Nibiru. The Annunaki were in conflict with another race called the Orion Empire, who wanted to control Earth and its resources. The Annunaki created humans as a slave race to mine gold for them, but some of them rebelled and tried to free humanity from their tyranny. Morning Sky claimed that Bek'Ti was one of these rebels, and that he belonged to a secret faction called the Star Elders, who were working to help humans awaken to their true potential.

The book LA Transcript was met with mixed reactions from the public and the UFO community. Some praised it as a groundbreaking revelation that exposed the truth about our origins and destiny, while others dismissed it as a hoax or a fantasy that mixed ancient myths with modern conspiracy theories. Morning Sky himself faced criticism and harassment from various sources, who accused him of plagiarism, fraud, or disinformation. He eventually withdrew from the public eye and stopped publishing his works.

Today, LA Transcript by Robert Morning Sky remains a controversial and elusive book that is hard to find or verify. Some believe it is a valuable source of knowledge and wisdom that can help us understand ourselves and our place in the cosmos, while others regard it as a dangerous and deceptive work that can mislead us and distract us from the real truth. What do you thinkHere are a few more paragraphs with HTML formatting:

Robert Morning Sky is a mysterious and controversial figure who has been involved in the UFO and alternative history fields for decades. He claims to be a Native American shaman and historian, who has inherited the ancient wisdom and secrets of his ancestors. He has also performed as a dancer and storyteller, showcasing his cultural heritage and spiritual insights.

Robert Morning Sky rose to fame in the 1990s, when he published several books and gave lectures on his version of alien history, based on the information he allegedly received from a star being named Bek'Ti. His most famous work is The Terra Papers, which presents a complex and detailed account of how Earth was colonized and manipulated by various extraterrestrial factions, such as the Annunaki, the Orion Empire, the Star Elders, and the Galactic Federation. He also claims that humans are the descendants of a hybrid race created by the Annunaki, and that we have the potential to become star beings ourselves.

However, Robert Morning Sky has also faced a lot of criticism and opposition from different sources, who have questioned his credibility, authenticity, and motives. Some have accused him of plagiarism, fraud, or disinformation, while others have dismissed his work as fantasy or nonsense. He has also been harassed and threatened by unknown agents, who have tried to silence him or discredit him. As a result, he has withdrawn from the public eye and stopped publishing his works. He has also become very selective and secretive about his appearances and contacts. 9160f4acd4


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