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EvilAngel Lyla Storm Anal Supersluts, Scene 2l

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EvilAngel Lyla Storm Anal Supersluts, Scene 2l

Scene Four: Lily LaBeau and Jessie Volt, the fetching young ladies featured on the upper left hand corner of the cover, were up next as the first scene on the second disc doing Mike Adriano. The ladies claimed to be attention whores and their sexy lingerie sure supported this contention, their lean, lithe young figures built for speed over comfort in a way that many watching porn appreciate. The ladies were out in the courtyard pawing each other, Lily wearing fuller panties while Jessie wore a thong to die for. Each lady was provided a chance to show off here, some strutting near the pool showing their jiggling asses (Jessie first) though Lily seemed content to allow both of her partners to feel her up excessively instead. The lesbian action gave way to Mike joining in on the oral, his extensive rimming and gash gobbling leading to the picture in picture camera angle as they used a speculum and probe camera to go in deep. It was around a half hour into the scene that they ladies started reciprocating on his cock too, drawing out the act seductively as they each took turns and double teamed him to ready him for the anal hammering action they wanted from the director. They rimmed him and he rewarded them with his turgid pecker in their asses, the ladies mugging for the camera more than a few times as he took turns stretching them out. The ladies shared the wealth of splooge he deposited on their faces and in their mouths, some cumswapping resulting in swallowed semen as the gals kissed heatedly in the 84 minute long scene.

Summary: Anal Supersluts by director Mike Adriano for Evil Angel had raw energy and some enthusiasm, strokability, and the casting providing a good selection of diverse and attractive women earning their keep so I rated it as Recommended or better depending on your tastes. Mike brings a devotion to ass that few of his peers still possess in their scenes, his personal undertaking to get all the ladies off if at all possible helping to make this a winner with the youth theme the cherry on the top of the mix. In short, Anal Supersluts: Special Set was exactly what a fan might expect of the director, a double disc extravaganza full of kinky anal antics, and starring cover hotties Amy Brooke, Jessie Volt, Jayden Lee and others to float your boat and inspire your libido to new heights as you fill your spank bank for many moons to come. 1e1e36bf2d


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