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Raja Hindustani Movie Hd 1080p ((HOT))

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Raja Hindustani: A Classic Bollywood Romance

Raja Hindustani is a 1996 Hindi romantic movie starring Aamir Khan and Karisma Kapoor. It was directed by Dharmesh Darshan and written by Robin Bhatt, Dharmesh Darshan and Javed Siddiqui. The movie was a huge commercial success and won several awards, including five Filmfare Awards.

The movie tells the story of Raja (Aamir Khan), a poor taxi driver who falls in love with Aarti (Karisma Kapoor), a rich girl who visits his hometown for a vacation. They elope and get married against her parents' wishes, but face many challenges and misunderstandings due to their different backgrounds and lifestyles.

The movie is known for its melodious songs composed by Nadeem-Shravan, especially the hit song "Pardesi Pardesi" which features a long kiss between the lead actors. The movie also has some memorable scenes of comedy, drama and action.

Raja Hindustani is a classic Bollywood romance that appeals to audiences of all ages and tastes. It is available to watch online in HD 1080p quality on various platforms.



The movie showcases the contrast between the rich and the poor, the urban and the rural, and the modern and the traditional. Raja and Aarti face many obstacles in their marriage, such as Aarti's stepmother Shalini (Archana Puran Singh) who tries to seduce Raja, Aarti's brother-in-law Jai (Mohnish Behl) who tries to separate them, and Aarti's father (Suresh Oberoi) who disowns her for marrying a lower-class man.

The movie also explores the themes of love, loyalty, sacrifice and forgiveness. Raja and Aarti have to overcome their differences and misunderstandings to stay together. They also have to deal with the loss of their child, who dies in a car accident caused by Jai. The movie ends with a happy reunion of Raja and Aarti, who are accepted by her father and welcomed back into the family.

Raja Hindustani is a movie that has a universal appeal and a timeless charm. It is one of the most popular and loved movies of Aamir Khan and Karisma Kapoor, who share a great chemistry on screen. The movie is also a milestone in the history of Bollywood cinema, as it was one of the first movies to use Dolby Digital sound and to be shot in Switzerland.



The movie was praised for its direction, screenplay, dialogues, music and performances. It was also appreciated for its portrayal of the Indian culture and values. The movie was a trendsetter in many ways, as it introduced new styles of dressing, dancing and kissing in Bollywood. The movie also inspired many remakes and adaptations in different languages.

The movie was a major breakthrough for both Aamir Khan and Karisma Kapoor, who established themselves as leading stars of the industry. The movie also launched the careers of many supporting actors, such as Kunal Khemu, who played Raja's nephew. The movie also marked the debut of Dharmesh Darshan as a director, who went on to make many successful movies later.

Raja Hindustani is a movie that has a cult following among the fans of Bollywood cinema. It is one of the highest-grossing movies of all time and has won many awards and accolades. It is also one of the most watched movies on television and online platforms. It is a movie that can be enjoyed by anyone who loves a good romance with a touch of drama and comedy.

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