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Night At The Museum 2 Telugu Movie Download [BETTER]

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Night At The Museum 2 Telugu Movie Download [BETTER]

The first "Night at the Museum" movie was fantastic...far better than I could have hoped for and it was very entertaining. While this first sequel isn't bad, it lacks the heart and originality of "Night at the Museum". Now, I am not saying it's bad or you shouldn't see it....just don't expect the same quality or enjoyment level of the first.In this highly contrived plot, most of the lovable characters from the first film are being sent to the Smithsonian in Washington, DC and the collection is to be stored in their archives. Apparently, the putzy director of the New York Natural History Museum is replacing these items and changing the entire museum. What makes it more tough to believe is when Larry (Ben Stiller) learns of this and is able to EASILY sneak into the Smithsonian to try to retrieve the collection AND stop a nutty ancient Egyptian from taking over the world.Even more so than the first film, to enjoy this one you just need to turn off your brain and watch it without questioning what you see. And, on that level it works very well. Still enjoyable and still worth seeing...just not rising to the level of "Night at the Museum".

Cecil, Reginald, and Gus check on Larry, who has decided to quit, but Nick and Don stop by to congratulate him on his new job. Larry decides to stay for his son's sake, and Cecil advises reading up on history. Larry is better able to control the exhibits, but is forced to extinguish a fire in the Neanderthals' display, while Dexter steals Larry's keys and unlocks a window, allowing a Neanderthal to escape onto the street. Frustrated, Larry again decides to quit, and is unable to save the escaped Neanderthal from disintegrating in the rising sun. Nick witnesses museum director Dr. McPhee fire Larry over the damaged Neanderthal exhibit, though Larry convinces him to reconsider. Rebecca Hutman, a museum guide and historian writing her dissertation on Sacagawea, believes Larry is mocking her when he tells her the museum's nighttime secret.

It was the highest-grossing film in its opening weekend, grossing $30.8 million and playing in 3,685 theaters, with a $8,258 per-theater average. For the four-day Christmas holiday weekend, it took in $42.2 million.[4] The movie was also released in IMAX large screen format, often on-site at museums of science or natural history such as the Pacific Science Center in Seattle. 1e1e36bf2d


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