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michelleu Edmitrievz

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The NFL Draft. The lights. The stories. The personalities. The whole event crackles with the promise of youthful energy and virility. Among these young men will be those who rise up and achieve greatness on the field, and the league has put together a showcase worthy of the occasion of their ascendency. Those of you about to play: We salute you.

By putting these athletes on display as such, we see in them the potential and peril we each face in our own lives. We wish to become players ourselves, if not participants in the game itself, then in the competitive understanding of it. Our own peaks and valleys, failings and qualities, made manifest to all through the articulation of true knowledge of the game to our peers with whom we share barbs, basking together in the projected light from the 50+ inch flatscreens in our Platonic man caves. 59ce067264


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