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Where Do I Buy Cedar Chips

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Mulch can be made from any organic material which is layered over topsoil to benefit the health of the plants. Mulch is most commonly made from bark or wood chippings, but it can also be made of grass clippings or pine needles, among other things. Cedar mulch is made from the wood of cedar trees, which has either been chipped or shredded. Cedars are evergreen trees that are commonly found in the US, growing in USDA hardiness zones 7 to 9.

Cedar mulch can be used for various reasons, both functional and aesthetic. Most commonly, it is used for water retention, weed inhibition, soil insulation, improving the look of beds, and repelling insects. Whatever reason you are using cedar mulch for, it is applied in the same way.

Spread an even layer, generally around 3 inches thick, of cedar mulch to the top layer of your soil. Cedar chippings tend to be heavier and are therefore best used around the base of large shrubs and trees. Shredded cedar has a more delicate texture, and its lightweight quality makes it more suitable for use around bedding plants and flowers.

Without light, most weed seeds will be unable to germinate, and therefore will cease to become full-blown weeds. In some cases, stubborn weeds will still make an appearance, but these can be easily spotted against the background of cedar mulch and quickly pulled up.

An added bonus of cedar mulch is that it makes flower beds and borders look neat and attractive. The color of cedar wood can vary, but it tends to have a red or orange hue, which contrasts beautifully against green foliage and helps the plants to stand out. It also gives a uniform look to a garden that many people appreciate. Cedar mulch also has a pleasant scent, which adds further attraction to a garden.

Cedar wood naturally repels insects, which is why it is a desirable type of wood for use in bedroom furniture, as it resists mite infestations and does not attract moths. This is great for use around the base of plants if you have an insect issue in your garden, or are trying to prevent pest problems, as cedar mulch can act as a natural pesticide.

If you or anyone among your circle of family and friends suffer from fragrance allergies, then cedar mulch should be avoided. It gives off a scent, which is considered pleasant by most people, but some people are sensitive to smells, and it can cause them to have an allergic reaction. Many places of work now have a scent-free policy because of the increased awareness of this issue.

Cedar mulch can have an effect on the pH level of your soil. If fresh cedar mulch is used, it can leach very small amounts of acid into the soil, which ordinarily will pose no problem and not make any noticeable difference, but if you already have an acidic soil, then it is best to avoid cedar mulch as it could make your acidity problem even worse.

To avoid this scenario, only use cedar mulch around plants that are permanent. Do not use it around vegetable plants, where the soil will be tilled, and the mulch will be worked deep into the soil. As a precaution, you can also add nitrogen-rich fertilizer to the soil to help balance out any disparity (SF Gate Home Guides).

Though cedar mulch has the attractive quality of being a natural pesticide, this, unfortunately, means that using it will not only discourage pests from setting up camp in your garden, but it will also deter beneficial bugs from taking residence among your plants.

Cedar mulch is an organic top dressing for garden soil, which offers multiple benefits to the home gardener. With moisture retention and soil temperature regulation being among its most important uses, cedar mulch is understandably a popular and commonly used type of mulch, especially when you consider how attractive and long-lasting it is.

There are some situations where cedar mulch is not the best option, and these should be considered and applied to your own circumstances before you make your decision about using cedar mulch. In general, it is mostly problem


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