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Red Rose Drama, Terror, Thriller 2022 0h 45m

Red Rose Drama, Terror, Thriller 2022 0h 45m ->->->->

Not to be confused with Hawa, the 2003 horror film, Hawa, the 2022 mystery, and Hawaa, the 2019 suspense thriller, Hawa, the 2022 drama, is about a girl who wants to be adopted by Michelle Obama. This is the most relatable feeling in the entire world. If I could, I too would gladly be adopted by Barack and Michelle, who seem like the loveliest, sort of dorky, but also kind of cool parents one could find. Hawa, the film's protagonist, is a young French girl who is worried that child services will intervene because her grandmother, with whom she lives, is getting old and suffers from various health concerns. Her solution is to meet up with Michelle while she's in Paris and convince the first lady to adopt her (easy enough right). The beautiful, sometimes funny, sometimes heartbreaking film is a portrait of grandmotherly love and the many forms family can take.

Lise Olsen is the author of CODE OF SILENCE, which won the IRE Book award in 2022 and examines major flaws in the federal judicial misconduct system. Her book reveals how a federal judge got away with sexually assaulting his own employees for years before finally being prosecuted and impeached. Now senior editor and reporter at the Texas Observer, Olsen is a former IRE board member whose work has also appeared in documentaries on CNN and A & E and in other publications. 59ce067264


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