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Zombie Shooter Apk Download _VERIFIED_

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Zombeast MOD APK directs players to survival battles against bloodthirsty zombies that appear on the path you have to go through. Each type will be handled well with a gun that you can own, upgrade or get from supply crates.

Zombeast is a game where players will go to areas full of zombies to perform missions and defeat them with their weapons. The number of zombies is entirely diverse and has characteristics that make players choose the right weapon. At the same time, the support items in the game are also diverse for you to pass the level more easily.

In Zombeast, the player will move on a path with a known distance, and all you need to do is defeat the required number of zombies. So, with a shotgun in hand, you can easily take down any zombies you see. An interesting point in this game is that you can change weapons depending on the objects that constantly appear in front of you. Each type of gun will have specific effects on different types of zombies.

Those with slim bodies can be taken down with a shotgun, and of course, you also recognize their vulnerable physique. If you see a gas tank, you should shoot at it, and the game will also prioritize targeting it to deal massive area damage. At the same time, you can also wholly use the revolver to attack enemies continuously, and it is especially effective with giant zombies that are constantly moving towards you.

The amount of ammo of each weapon you use in Zombeast is minimal, and of course, if the level requires you to kill 100 zombies, it will be impossible. So you will be able to see the supply boxes scattered around you on the mission. At the same time, with completely distinctive colors, you can completely see them and they usually have two main features: reloading weapons or taking you to a new weapon selection.

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Zombies have realized the apocalypse is destroying everything on the planet. A virus strain has spread rapidly worldwide, and as a result, people turn into soulless bodies. City after city was destroyed and filled with zombies moving aimlessly on the road. The war between you and the undead will break out everywhere when you and your forces appear. Fierce battles with zombies promise a long time to fight them. However, that would be for nothing if the result is the peace of the earth. Hope that life on earth needs to be rekindled by killing zombies one by one.

A base for you to defend against zombies will be able to help you fight better. The system that protects you against zombies can be built from the kill bonus. Your base can be adjusted to each wave of zombies for the best protection. This place is also a place to protect you against the opposing factions fighting for life attacking you. You will determine the force of ants to defend against zombies and enemies. Where your support, zombies must b


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