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Krotov Physics Book Free Download [2021]

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Krotov Physics Book Free Download [2021]

Ans. There is no specific book that is considered to be best for JEE Main Preparation, But if we talk about the most preferred books then, HC Verma and I E Irodov is for physics, M L Khanna, and Arihant for Mathematics, and JD LEE and Solomon & Frhyle for Chemistry.

Ans. Fundamental Physics, Halliday, Resnick, and Walker's books aim at bringing conceptual coherence to the readers that allows them to understand the basic yet entangled concepts of physics while acquiring the necessary math and problem-solving abilities.

Here are list of classical writers for iit jee physics after that we will discuss utility of them. Physics first line writers for theory. Resnick & Halliday(old version) , HC Verma, NECRT books. University physics from pearson.

Second line iit jee physics books: Sears, Zemansky & Young. Nelcon Parker, Tipler & Tipler, Richard P. Feynman. If you have physics books in first line you do not need second line books. That is enough for your exams. Second line books are for library and are for reference only.

Other writers: DC Pandey is best and must have. He is a complete writer of physics for theory as well problem books. No need to go for others if you have DC Pandey books that are errorless. Also there a Timeless Classics series books for physics and maths by arihant publications. It is low cost and very good books for collection reference and study for any exams.

Do Past paper first then you can better understand level and types of problems asked in IIT JEE physics paper. Then go for any problem books selectively. I write selectively because some problems are time killer and will waste a lot time to understand its language.

So finally you should have a good set of iit jee physics theory books and problems books. Plus a good study material with good problems. We cannot recommend any material but good iit jee physics pdf material is downloadable from our site. We strongly recommend DC Pandey books for theory and questions for iit jee mains advanced. 1e1e36bf2d


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