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Reviewed by: Dragon Slippers Cindy Welch George, Jessica Day Dragon Slippers. Bloomsbury, 2007324p ISBN 1-59990-057-2$16.95 R Gr. 6-10 The day Creel is sent to the dragon's lair turns out much better than she thought it would: she strikes a deal with the great creature so that it doesn't have to harm her or fight the slightly vacant knight sent to save her, and in return for the favor she walks away with a pair of shoes from the dragon's hoard, a striking pair of blue slippers lined with white silk. Arriving in Feravel's capital city to look for work, Creel meets the crown prince's lovely younger brother and manages to anger the snotty princess from the rival kingdom of Roulain, who has come to marry the crown prince. When bad-tempered Princess Amalia demands that Creel hand over her shoes, Creel refuses even though she doesn't know the shoes grant the wearer the ability to control dragons; Princess Amalia then arranges for the slippers to be snitched, enslaves the dragons, and turns them on Feravel. Creel must find a way to regain the shoes and free her new draconic friends before Amalia, the dragons, and the Roulainian army, which has gathered just over the border, destroy everything she holds dear. First-time author George has created an endearing fantasy with quirky twists on traditional elements; dragon hoards may be anything from shoes to stained glass, and suitable rewards may include a dress shop rather than marriage to the crown prince. The tale is told deftly and with warm humor, and readers will bond quickly with sensible country girl Creel. Romance, friendship, and betrayal all spice the mix, and readers looking for something to follow Hale's Princess Academy (BCCB 9/05) will find pleasure here.

We are like the prince in the fairy-tale who tries every charm in the book to win the heart of the princess. And then she goes off regardless to marry a penniless woodcutter who didn't do anything spectacular to win her favor. The woodcutter is only chosen because of the mysterious preference of the princess' love. And the prince is left wondering why he couldn't earn the love of the princess. 1e1e36bf2d


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