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Master By Choice By M.A. Innes

Master By Choice By M.A. Innes >

After graduating with my masters at USC, I had another big dilemma. I received a full time offer to work in a consulting firm in Boston and also got accepted to a medical school in Brazil (which is a 6-year undergrad major). It was a time I followed my intuition; I then decided to go back to Brazil. I want to pursue a career in medicine and management, both in public and private fields, especially working towards improving healthcare access, quality and efficiency in my home country. I feel very satisfied with the choices I made, especially because I understand we feel more grateful by going against the flow and choosing what we want instead of what the majority prefers.

What attracted you to choose USC for your graduate studiesHaving my undergraduate degree in computer engineering and data science, I was more inclined towards specializing in analytics through the Engineering Management program. The flexible course structure at USC enabled me to choose electives that interested me from a diverse and wide range of courses. Along with that, I also had the freedom to choose courses from other schools. The master's program at USC was exactly as I envisioned it to be. To be honest, in comparison to other universities that provide a similar program, USC offers more flexibility in the coursework. With the right choices, one can streamline their studies to be the way they want, and I really enjoyed that.

In conclusion, I may observe that the history of Mary Prince furnishes a corollary to Lord Stowell's decision in the case of the slave Grace, and that it is most valuable on this account. Whatever opinions may be held by some readers on the grave question of immediately abolishing Colonial Slavery, nothing assuredly can be more repugnant to the feelings of Englishmen than that the system should be permitted to extend its baneful influence to this country. Yet such is the case, when the slave landed in England still only possesses that qualified degree of freedom, that a change of domicile will determine it. Though born a British subject, and resident within the shores of England, he is cut off from his dearest natural rights by the sad alternative of regaining them at the expence of liberty, and the certainty of severe treatment. It is true that he has the option of returning; but it is a cruel mockery to call it a voluntary choice, when upon his return depend his means of subsistence and his re-union with all that makes life valuable. Here he has tasted "the sweets of freedom," to quote the words of the unfortunate Mary Prince; but if he desires to restore himself to his family, or to escape from suffering and destitution, and the other evils of a climate uncongenial to his constitution and habits, he must abandon the enjoyment of his late-acquired liberty, and again subject himself to the arbitrary power of a vindictive master. 59ce067264


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