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Muhyadheen Mala Malayalam Pdf 141 Fix

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the mappilas or moplahs, the muslim settlers who came from the arab countries, have adapted this writing system to malayalam and are now known as mappilapattu. they wrote with the arabic script, either on palm leaf books or wooden tablets. this tradition of arabi malayalam came to be known as arabiyam and the script as arabiyamalayalam. the tradition continues till today and the language spoken is called arabi malayalam.

this script is used to write the songs of the mappilas. the muslims in general were familiar with the names of the gods. they derived their names from the sanskrit, tamil and arabic languages. in many cases, they chose to name a village after the god they worshipped. in malabar, some names are of arabic origin. for example, kodungalloor was a suburb of calicut, where the muslims first settled in kerala. it is from the arabic word for calicut. similarly, kodungalloor is a combination of koda and the arabic word for calicut. a few muslim names like nagaraja, kurumkara and nattika are also of arabic origin. a few names are derived from places in arabia such as banat, qatif and khuzama.

the arabs went on to settle in malabar. the town of kozhikode, now known as calicut, is believed to have been a trading centre for the arabs. it is the second largest arabi malayalam town in kerala after quilon. their trade routes led them to the hinterlands of kerala and they discovered a new source of revenue. they set up plantations of coconuts, grapes, pepper, and other fruits. the arabs learnt malayalam from the local people and used it in their trade and social activities. they inter-married with the natives, and a distinct group, the mappilas, came into being. the mappilas, or mappila muslims, have adopted a distinctive culture of their own, which is reflected in their music and literature. they have their own songs and poetry, in which they have preserved the arabi malayalam language. 3d9ccd7d82


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