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Pro Evo Soccer 4 Pc Patch

Pro Evo Soccer 4 Pc Patch ->>>

Pro Evo Soccer 4 Pc Patch

You can tell if a game is patched generally as all the team names will be real, the stadiums will have real products in their advertising boards and the music will be changed on the menus. there are other things that are changed but these are the most obvious.

I have a Patched copy of Pro Evo 5 on my hdd with its matching Option file and it makes the game so much better. The game is named ProEvoSoccer5.4.2. so that must be what the patch version was named. I cant share it here for obvious reasons but if i can work out a way to get the patched files only then maybe i can upload those. I would put a link to d/l the iso but that would be frowned upon I believe.......

I'm also desperatly looking for the patched pes for original xbox . Here in Italy we had a patch with new balls , players , sponsors , chorus , and many other things . Sadly I can't find it and the hdd with it got lost forever . Can you create a torrent or upload to google drive or somewhere else

I patched the iso myself years ago, cant remember what the patch was called. I have always made sure to keep the option file that goes with it too. I have it burned on a disc Using it with the patched iso gave correct names, teams, balls, stadiums, boots, real chants, different music. Playing the game without the option file results in either the team names being out or the players but the other stuff is the same.

This week also finally sees the release of Konami's PC version of Pro Evolution Soccer 4 - and there's already a patch out which apparently addresses some online play issues. We actually reviewed this a while ago. It was perfectly finished then, or so we thought, but it seems Konami found some reason not to release it alongside the Xbox version last week, so here it is now. If you don't have an Xbox then this is the next best thing, and obviously looks the best of the two - and far better than the slowdown-troubled PS2 version which topped the charts in October. And given what we now know about the Xbox version's online ranking system - that people who quit games when they're losing aren't penalised in any way - the peer-to-peer approach in the PC version doesn't seem quite so rubbish by comparison. At least if you have to go to the trouble of setting up a game directly with someone, you know where to chuck your insults if the game ends before it ends... 1e1e36bf2d


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