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Sims 4 Trait Mods


Sims 4 Trait Mods

Traits in The Sims 4 are core personality traits that make up a Sim's wants, needs, and desires. While there's a good amount of variety when it comes to base game traits, many are restricted to certain expansion packs. As the game goes free-to-play, a lot of new players may be wary of spending so much money on expansion packs for a free game.

With the cost of expansion packs so high, many will turn to the avid modding community to enhance their game for the low, low price of absolutely nothing. For these mods, in particular, Simmers will want to ensure that script mods are enabled in the game settings. Once that's been taken care of, the best Sims 4 Trait mods can then be used to fine-tune a Sim's personality.

Before downloading any other mods, players might want to consider the More Traits in CAS trait expansion mod by thepancake1 and MizoreYukii. The Sims 4 typically only allows for an adult Sim to have three traits, which can be incredibly limiting - especially when things like 'vegetarian' take up one of those precious slots.

This mod allows the Sim to have additional slots depending on their age. Elders, adults, and young adults can have five traits, teens can have four, children three, and toddlers two. This is a huge improvement on the current system and expands the depth of personality a Sim can have.

Perfect for family Simmers, the Child Exclusive Traits mod by Triplis adds eight new traits exclusive to children in The Sims 4. Players have long complained about the lack of depth for the earlier life stages, but it's nothing talented modders can't fix. This mod provides some variety to children's personalities and adds some extremes to spice up Sim stories.

The eight traits added are Bold, Fretful, Gigglemeister, Rocket, Sensitive, Sleuth, Sweetie, and Tattletale. The best part is that each trait directly corresponds to an in-game teen trait and adult trait.

As part of a series on 'Things Discover University is Missing', PimpMySims4 released the University Traits pack with five new traits tailored to university students. This pack adds the following traits: Coffee Addict, Frat Boy, Sorority Girl, Studious, and Cognitively Impaired. Each trait interacts with Discover University the best, but they will function in-game without the expansion pack.

Despite its potential to be a world without strife, there are many simmers that enjoy a little tension, drama, and upset in their Sims' world. For those players, the Misery Traits pack by NateTheL0ser adds a whole host of negative traits to play with.

This pack includes Alien Hater, Seasonal Affective Disorder, Hay Fever, Allergic to Cats, Allergic to Dogs, Hates Heat, Can't Stand Cold, Fame Jealous, Dry Skin, Chronic Headaches, Allergic to Magic, Asthmatic, and Hates Vampires. Each trait comes with unique negative buffs and Moodlets that create a more interesting story and more challenging gameplay.

For the astrologically inclined simmer, InsightBond has the comprehensive Zodiac Signs trait pack. This pack comes with a trait for each of the twelve zodiac signs, as well as unique interactions and Moodlets for each sign. Keen astrologers out there might even want to take advantage of the three trait slots to give their sim a sun, moon, and ascending sign.

The Emotional Traits pack from modder Kutoe elevates existing in-game traits and adds some emotion that the game might not have. All of these traits are available from ages child to elder, and even add boosts to Character Values introduced in the Parenthood expansion pack.

The included traits are Arrogant, Calm, Coward, Daydreamer, Egghead, Insecure, Oblivious, Perky, Restless, and Stoic. With all of these new, extreme traits, players are sure to be able to tell interesting stories and spice up their gameplay.

The Book Smart/Street Smart trait pack may only come with two traits, but they add a surprising amount of interest and realism to the game. In real life, many people will know (or be) people who a


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