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Here Is How To Resize A Photo On Your Mac [2021]

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Here Is How To Resize A Photo On Your Mac [2021]

1. Open your photo or photos in Preview by right-clicking and selecting "Open." In case that isn't the default app, you'll need to right-click the photo or photos you've selected, then hover over "Open with" followed by "Preview."

2. Select your photo or photos by highlighting them on the Preview sidebar. If you want to resize multiple photos at once, you'll have to select all your desired photos by holding down the Command button and clicking each thumbnail you want to edit.

Looking for an image resizer on Mac Whether you need to scale down a large image file for it to take up less space and be more sendable, need to resize to fit into a presentation without distortion and weighing down the file, or just need to compress your endless photo library, there are plenty of options for you to choose from.

In addition to resize, you can choose to optimize your images, delete or keep only part of the image metadata (can be useful if your phone records image location and you want to share an image online, as well as multiple other privacy uses), change image format, batch-rename, and watermark the image. Now, in our sample, we chose the script setting for watermarking, but you actually have a choice to set this up in other watermark formats, including just adding a date stamp, an image (like a logo), or a single watermark anywhere on your pic.

Luminar resize tool lets you set the pixel length of each side of the pic individually, as well as by long or short edge. Make the changes you want and click Save to export your edited visual.

Luminar boasts a collection of really handy tools to turn your photo creations into impeccable masterpieces. Some of the amazing things in the toolkit include noise removal for zoomed-in or poorly lit shots, AI skin and portrait enhancement tools, smart contrast that enhances your image without making it unnatural or noisy, and much more.

If you want to bulk edit and watermark images, use PhotoBulk. This simple editor can help you resize and watermark a lot of images in mere moments. Permute is an excellent solution if you want a versatile media converter. Not only can it mass convert and resize your images, you can also convert audio and video files with it. And finally, to add a few finishing touches to your photo works, try Luminar. This futuristic AI-powered image editor can enhance your shots and make them beyond amazing, while doing all the photo editing heavy lifting, like image resize, crop, flip, rotate, and more.

You can choose an amount to resize the image by. The number, 60 would be the safest amount for files greater than 3 MB and under 10 MB. If your image is close to 3 MB, you do not need to resize it by that much.

You can then save your resized image using File > Save or Save As (by holding the Option key). Alternatively, you can click File > Export to specify a file format and image quality. Check out our tutorial for additional image edits you can make using Preview.

Apple replaced iPhoto with the new Photos app in 2015. Nowadays, most people are more familiar with the Photos app than its predecessor. As it turns out, you can use Photos for more than looking at your images. It lets you edit RAW photos, import your own custom filters, and even create slideshows.

Note: You also have the option to Export Unmodified Original, which is what you should choose if you're printing your images or plan on working with them in an external photo editor like Photoshop or Pixelmator.

ColorSync Utility is one of those default Mac apps you might not even know exists. Its purpose is to help you finely control color profiles on your system. But you can also use this hidden gem to resize images in a hurry.

If you're using an older Mac that isn't compatible with the latest version of macOS, it's possible that you still have iPhoto. So for you legacy Mac users, here's how to resize your images with iPhoto.

In order to resize an image with iPhoto, that i

Daffur Link
Daffur Link
Oct 13, 2023

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