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Do As Infinity Believe In You Song

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The Best of Do As Infinity is the sixth compilation album released by Do As Infinity. It was released on the band's 15th anniversary. This album has 30 songs, including two new songs. There are two versions of this album, one with two CDs and the other with two CDs and a DVD.

Infinity is a song taken from the album Feel Something, released by Jaymes Young in 2017. Yet the real success this track had it starting from 2021, when it became the musical background of one of the biggest trends of TikTok, that series of videos made in the darkness, with the ring light coming from the shoulders of the protagonists.

In the mathematical community I hold a belief which is considered somewhat unorthodox. This is the belief that infinity does not exist. I have discussed this with many smart people and almost all of them (likely including you) are surprised at such a weird belief. There are many questions for someone who does not believe in infinity - What is the largest number Can't I just keep adding one What does it even mean for infinity not to exist

Perhaps the most compelling reason to believe that infinity does exist comes from the Axioms of Mathematics, namely the Axiom of Infinity which in plain English states "Mathematical objects infinite in size, exist".

So if you believe this axiom there really is no refuting that infinity exists. It is stated as a fact up front. Like the laws of physics, mathematical axioms govern and shape the mathematical world. But unlike the laws of physics mathematical axioms can be picked by mathematicians to construct a mathematical world that is the most beautiful or interesting. Axioms are also chosen based on no previous grounds, so the idea of infinity's existence in mathematical terms really is a belief in the purest sense - there is no reasoning behind it - and, according to modern maths, before you can even begin to perform mathematics you must already have decided for yourself if infinity exists or not. It is not something mathematics can tell you in itself. So what I mean when I say I don't believe infinity exists is that I don't believe infinity should have any place in the axioms of mathematics.

When I discovered infinity was in the axioms of mathematics it seemed a little odd. It was certainly not how things appeared when I was taught mathematics at school. When I was taught mathematics infinity was considered as provable as 1 + 1 = 2, and it was proven to us by our teachers using the fact that given any number, it was always possible to create a new number by adding one.

But confusingly there is no proof that infinity exists. It is an axiom, which meansit is assumed - and this puts it on shaky ground. It means some human person decided upon this axiom using non-mathematical means. It makes you wonder why this individual made this choice and if you, under the same circumstances or different, would have done the same.

Many mathematicians did not do the same. Famous mathematicians such as L. E. J. Brouwer,Per Martin-Löf,Errett Bishop,Ludwig Wittgenstein,Henri Poincaré,Carl Friedrich Gauss and Leopold Kronecker didn't believe infinity existed. Many others such as Bertrand Russell doubted the existence of infinity in various forms and fought against the axioms of the mainstream mathematical community which were in flux at that time. Once, the existence of infinity was one of the biggest debates in the mathematical community.

But now the idea that infinity might not exist is pretty radical. Sad - because one of the best thing to learn about infinity is that believing in it is a choice - a choice that has been made differently by many different interesting and thoughtful people. And, like all the best bits of maths, thinking about the consequences of such a fundamental choice can be pretty fun.

Well, some of the consequences of a belief in infinity, even just a mathematical infinity, can be quite startling. The properties of an infinite world are often quite unexpected, and can have seriou


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