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Sola Gsm Calc V05 Free Download


Sola Gsm Calc V05 Free Download

the magnetom sola uses a new free-form technology that simplifies the procedures and decreases the time required to manufacture each lens, and each patients unique anatomy is mapped, making it possible for each patient to receive the correct lens. this will decrease the rate of rejections of the product and lead to a more predictable planning, which in turn will increase patient satisfaction and promote clinical growth.

the magnetom sola is a unique medical system which utilizes the entire body of the patient and is designed to address the growing demand for more personalized and accurate imaging. this comes in a highly sophisticated platform that gives patients the freedom to choose their imaging solution and personalizes everything from the mr exam to the lens. the system ensures a safe and compliant workflow that reduces the amount of time spent and the number of examinations required. the magnetom sola is the first mri system that combines the benefits of a whole-body mri with free-form lens manufacturing.

the new solution provides more comfortable exams for patients, a more accessible imaging experience for clinicians, and an improved workflow for manufacturers. the new design includes a free-breathing capability with innovative free-form surfaces that make the system suitable for most clinical applications.

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