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Men In Green Book 194


Men In Green Book 194

The Direct Green Edition was sold in comic shops and did not come in a polybag. It is identifiable by its green/yellow background, grey webs, and Spider-Man face in the UPC box. One of the problems with identifying this issue is that it has been lumped together with the other green editions by everyone including Marvel, comic distributors, sellers, and grading companies, making it hard to pin down print runs and CGC populations. Combined with the direct polybagged green edition and green newsstand, it has a print run of 1 million copies.

The Newsstand Green Edition of Spider-Man #1 was sold in polybags on newsstands and spinner racks in grocery stores and airports. It can be identified by its green/yellow background, grey webs, and the UPC if the polybag has been removed.

The webs of the Green Purple Webs Edition is where things get a little sticky. Sorry/not sorry for the bad pun. This issue is nearly identical to the first green edition above when removed from its polybag, causing confusion for sellers, buyers, and grading companies alike. It has the same green/yellow background, also has Spider-Man in the UPC box, and was also sold in comic shops as opposed to newsstands.

The difference is in the webs. The webs of this variant are a deep purple. While the picture here may not do them justice, if you see them in person you will notice the stark contrast between them and the dull grey of the other green issues. I find this edition more aesthetically pleasing than the others. The purple really pops with the green/yellow background.

Considering the low CGC population, this book is extremely undervalued. It is often lumped in with the other Silver variant by collectors despite its distinct CGC population. Graded 9.8 copies were readily available for a mere 75$ one year ago, but it seems like this sleeper pick is getting some traction with recent sales breaking 200$. CGC regularly makes mistakes when grading this book and sellers often incorrectly list it, so keep an eye out when searching on eBay or go double-check your collection. You might have one already and not know it.

This 90s grail has a unique CGC population of 1,833 copies, with only 124 Universal 9.8s and 288 9.6s. This book was relatively undervalued for a long time considering its rarity. At the start of the pandemic, I was looking at graded 9.6 copies for $550 to $650, but that ship has since sailed as 9.6s regularly sell for north of $1000 now. Still a smart investment I think so given the low population of high grade copies and its enduring popularity.

Hey Harry,Awesome job identifying the Spider-Man variants. After reading this article, I decided to take a look at my comics and to my surprise, I have a copy of the green purple webs edition. You mentioned CGC will probably miss this variant. Should I try sending it anyway but with a note Do you know if this variant is the most rare of them all

I think now, once I get this book, I will keep it as CBCS. I usually cross them over for better value and potential re-sale. As you know they go around 30% cheaper than CGC books. But, you have to be careful, because CGC will not honor the grade, but rather re-grade. I have crossed over about (10) 9.8 books so far from CBCS to CGC, and only go burned twice. Those two books came back CGC 9.6

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