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Captain Sim L 1011 Cracked [Extra Quality]

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Captain Sim L 1011 Cracked [Extra Quality]

which is not to say that captain america and hitler have similar goals. cap's only real goal in world war ii was to stop hitler, although he may have wanted to save individuals who went rogue like himmler or josef mengele. cap even mentions that someday the heroes of world war ii will realize the meaning of what they've done, and we'll all realize that there was no difference between the axis and the allied nations. i'm pretty sure no one wakes up every morning and thinks "man that was either a great or bad day." war is ugly, and it seems like cap felt that as he fought in it. what happened next was even uglier though, so we'll skip ahead to the end of the war and listen to cap and bucky hash out their war stories.

cap feels that everyone who fought in world war ii was a hero who did what he thought was best. he tells the story of an american man who was captured by the german in stalingrad, and after he was forced to work on a conveyor belt, there was a german soldier who was even more sick than the prisoner. he offered to stop the conveyor belt, and of course the soldier refused. cap tells bucky of the soldier who tried to save the prisoner; he didn't have to. it feels like cap is trying to tell the story of a hero who just gave up for another, but he also doesn't seem to realize that the two nazis weren't heroes either. bucky, like cap, feels that none of the soldiers involved in world war ii were villains. some weren't even aware they were fighting world war ii. instead, they saw it as "the only thing that could happen to germany."

captain america, in many ways, is the only hero from world war ii who could understand both sides. it's easy to understand the reasons that bucky was a nazi and why cap was a hero. bucky, a soldier, lost his arm fighting the nazis, and cap, a soldier, also lost his arm and then died. the idea that either one of them were a villain is absurd. however, if there's a villain, who is he in 1941, when cap was putting together the original team, he was already working for the fbi, and it appears to be his sense of duty. cap didn't go to war because he wanted to fight the nazis or even because he thought that was the best way to save the world. cap went to war because the fbi told him to; he later asked the president to put him in charge of the newly created super-soldier project, which he did. 3d9ccd7d82


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