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[S1E2] Part Two


The episode winds down with Doug/Carley giving Lee the camcorder, which is now working. It reveals Jolene has been watching them for a long time, particularly looking at Clementine. She's obviously deranged, and claims Clementine needs a mother.

Friendship is Magic, part 2 is the second episode of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. The episode is referred to as Elements of Harmony on Hasbro's viewing guide,[2] and The Magic of Friendship, part 2 in The Elements of Harmony guidebook. It is the second half of a two-part episode.

Back in Ponyville, Pinkie throws a party to celebrate the royal sisters' reunion. When Twilight tells Celestia that she doesn't want to leave her new friends, Celestia gives her a new mission: to continue studying the magic of friendship in Ponyville and report back her findings. Twilight promises to study harder than ever, much to the delight of her new friends and the citizens of Ponyville.

"Pilot, Part 2" is the second of the two-part pilot episode of Lost. It was originally broadcast on September 29, 2004, one week after "Pilot, Part 1". The two parts re-aired together on October 2, 2004. A group of survivors attempt to broadcast a distress signal for help, while Jack tries to save a man who has been impaled by a piece of shrapnel from the plane. Flashbacks show the events just prior to the crash from the points of view of Kate and Charlie.

A little after the confrontation, Hurley visits Sayid as he works to fix the transceiver. The two discuss Sawyer's intolerance, and Sayid simply states that "some people have problems." They trade names with a handshake. When asked by Hurley how he became so skilled at repairing things, Sayid replied that he was a military communications officer in the Gulf War. Hurley wrongly assumes that Sayid fought for the Americans, and Sayid quietly corrects him and tells him that he was part of the Republican Guard.

Kate's team argues about the right time to check the radio and risk completely wasting the battery. A roaring in the distance interrupts them. Kate realizes that it might be the same thing that killed the pilot. As the creature approaches, everyone runs, but Sawyer stands firm. In the last few moments, he pulls out a gun and fires almost a full clip of bullets. The group returns to discover that Sawyer has killed a polar bear. Kate questions where Sawyer got the gun, and he reveals that a US Marshal was on the plane, and he took the marshal's badge as well as his gun. Sayid then suggests that Sawyer was the prisoner all along. Kate manages to take the gun while Sawyer's back is turned. She asks how to use it, causing Sawyer to grin. Sayid instructs her on how to disassemble it. She then gives one part to each man, though Sawyer whispers to her that he "knows her type" as she passes him the ammunition.

The most notable new theme from this episode is the march-like second traveling theme that appears on the soundtrack as "Hollywood and Vines". Though this doesn't show up again for a while, composer Michael Giacchino later uses it extensively, particularly in season finales.

Similarly, she laments the ways in which men mistreat women, particularly warning Grace against gentlemen. Mary tells Grace gentlemen think they can get anything they want and warns her against doing anything with a man before he follows through on his promise of marriage.

Particularly in the current cultural context, the romantic feelings on Dr. Jordan's part make me uncomfortable. Although he seems like a kind person, he is in a position of power over Grace. His written opinion could set her free or seal her fate.

Vienna Blood's second Season 3 two-parter, "The God of Shadows," shows how far the series has come in its ideas of justice in Edwardian Austria, even as its biggest failings are still evident.

"A Bad Beginning: Part Two", listed as "The Bad Beginning: Part Two", is the second episode of Netflix's A Series of Unfortunate Events. It covered the second part of The Bad Beginning, and revealed why and how the Baudelaire children were sent to Count Olaf in the first place.

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"Pilot, Part 2"InformationSeason 1 Episode 2Episode number2 of 110Original airdateJanuary 28, 2016Written byMarc GuggenheimPhil KlemmerGreg BerlantiAndrew KreisbergDirected byGlen WinterChronologyPreceded by"Pilot, Part 1"Followed by"Blood Ties"Images"Pilot, Part 2" is the second episode of the first season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and the second episode overall. It aired on January 28, 2016.It is the second half of the two-part pilot.

The team arrives in Norway 1975. They plan to infiltrate a black market arms bazaar, where Savage is likely to participate. Snart, Rory and Ray are eager to go. Rip tries to dissuade them, without success. Along with Sara, they go to the bazaar, and Snart swipes a credential. The guard blocks them, but Stein arrives, convincing him that they are operatives of the Scimitar, and responsible on a number of terrorist acts. The guard lets them in.

Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk's American Horror Stories' premiere kicked off with a bang, dropping a two-part episode. The first installment, "Rubber(wo)man Part One," followed Michael (Matt Bomer) and Troy (Gavin Creel), along with their angsty, slightly sociopathic teenage daughter Scarlett (Sierra McCormick), after they purchased American Horror Story: Murder House's titular home in hopes of renovating it into a haunted bed and breakfast. As far as their daughter's story goes, Scarlett's run-in with a particularly cruel group of popular girls resulted in her murdering them and burying their bodies behind a brick wall on the property. Given that all people killed on the Murder House's grounds are doomed to spend eternity there, Maya (Paris Jackson) and her posse still roam the halls -- and they are hungry for revenge.

Although Troy insists he won't cheat, he does so in the next scene. However, Troy and Adam's affair is interrupted by Adam's worker, Martin (Abraham Luna), who has uncovered a horrible smell coming from behind the brick wall Scarlett built. Adam tears down the wall, revealing the bodies of Maya and the other girls. Before anyone can react, he bashes Martin's head in, terrifying Michael and Troy. Adam explains that Martin would "be a problem," but he will keep their secret. The catch is, he wants to be a partner in the bed and breakfast, do all the contracting work and get in on their marriage.

Scarlett returns home to discover the girls' bodies have been unearthed and her dads murdered. She knows Ruby killed them and confronts her. Given Scarlett's sadistic nature, she recovers quickly from the incident, choosing to go to a Halloween party instead of leaving the house like her dads beg her to. Considering Halloween is the one day ghosts can walk the Earth, Ruby accompanies her. Meanwhile, Maya and the girls plan to follow and finally get their revenge by killing Scarlett off the property.

While at the Halloween party, Scarlett has a heart-to-heart with Ruby, asking her not to rob her of the choice to leave. She makes Ruby promise not to kill her in the Murder House just because Ruby's scared Scarlett will abandon her. Ruby agrees just before Scarlett's friend from school, Shanti (Belissa Escobedo), interrupts them. Shanti's angry Scarlett's been ignoring her, but a jealous Ruby scares her off. Scarlett follows Shanti. To her surprise, her friend accuses Scarlett of killing the girls and being a "psychopath." She demands that Scarlett stay out of her life, and Scarlett angrily walks off.

After departing the Murder House, the episode picks up ten months later. Scarlett calls in to check on Ruby and her dads, who have settled into a sitcom-esque life, making pancakes and friends with the other spirits in the house. While Ruby feigns boredom, she seems happy. Scarlett sweetens Ruby's mood by telling her she's going to kill Uncle Tony. After they hang up, Scarlett keeps her promise. She puts on the rubber suit, rings Uncle Tony's doorbell and cracks him over the head when he answers. As Ruby sets off into a monologue, "Rubber(wo)Man Part Two" concludes with Scarlett returning to the Murder House for Halloween and embracing Ruby.

Robert Leckie and his squad hang out in a foxhole and try, unsuccessfully, to eat Army rations from 1918 that Bill 'Hoosier' Smith has foraged. They're terrible, but it's all they have. Leckie is busily writing and one of his companions, Private Wilbur 'Runner' Conley, asks who he's writing to. It's Vera, of course...and the boys want him to read the letter. Leckie begins with "Dear Vera,' saying that it's raining and he's reading this letter Runner, and throws in, "can't wait to see you and ever so slowly strip you of your...oh, you don't need to hear that part."

Following their interview, Nichole Mumford, Director ofProfessional Development and Marketing at CSCMP, interviews GailRutkowski, Executive Director of NASSTRAC. CSCMP &NASSTRAC recently announced a strategic partnership with the goalof better serving their members by collaborating in areas where thetwo associations intersect. During their conversation, they discussthe transportation and logistics industry and share some of thedifferences and similarities between the twoassociations. 59ce067264


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